"The Political Science Forum" is a series (ISSN 1734-1698) publishing by Institute of Political Science UWM in Olsztyn.

The intention of the editor of the series and editors board "The Political Science Forum" is to be the voice of Olsztyn's political scientists and cooperating in research on modern scientific discourse, including the current, the problems of the world. The intention is to address these problems, which are not perceived or not taken into account by the mass media.

"Forum" at The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH).

Already issued the following volumes:

Volume 13, 2012, pp. 728

Vol. 13

"Old" and "new" superpowers in Africa - culture, religion, political, economic and social stigmata

edited by Arkadiusz Żukowski


Table of contents:



Volume 12, 2011, pp. 634

Vol. 12

Wealth and poverty in contemporary Africa
edited by Arkadiusz Żukowski


Table of contents and introduction:


Volume 11, 2010, pp. 542

vol 11

China and Asian States: Historical Facts and Contemporary Challenges
edited by Degefe Kebede Gemechu



Introduction – Degefe Degebe Gemechu


Ewa Dryjańska: Historical Determinanants of Specific Characteristics of the Formation of Foreign Policy of China

Marta Zielonka: Meanders of the Development of China and its Vision of Position in the World

Jacek Dmochowski: From the History of Chinese Emigration to Latin America in the second half of the 19th and early 20th Century

Sylwia Podlewska: Strategy and Tactics of the People's Republic of China Concerning Establishing Diplomatic Relations with other Countries in the Years 1949-1969

Piotr Bednarek: The Boundary Policy of the People's Republic of China - An Attempt of Description

Mateusz Smolaga: The Evolution, Basis and Characteristics of Development Assistance Delivered by the Poeple's Republic of China

Paweł Witecki: Energy Corporations in the Policy of PRC

Degefe Kebede Gemechu: China: The Rise of the New Gloabl Spuerpower in the Far East an Difficult Relations with the Western Rivals

Volume 10, 2010, pp. 502

Vol. 10

Space and borders in contemporary Africa
ed. by Arkadiusz Żukowski



Introduction – Arkadiusz Żukowski

Jacek Łapott: The hidden dimension of the African space

Rev.. Jacek Jan Pawlik: Living space as sacred space: A case study from Konkomba people of North Togo

Katarzyna Podyma: Religious space in Africa: Islam - between religion and social movement - practice of every day

Lucjan Buchalik: Ethnic borders in relations between Mossi and Kurumba in Burkina Faso

Tomasz Klin: Africa in the classic and modern geopolitical thought

Tomasz Bichta: Boundaries, territory and space in Africa according to Achille Mbembe

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