"The Political Science Forum" is a series (ISSN 1734-1698) publishing by Institute of Political Science UWM in Olsztyn.

The intention of the editor of the series and editors board "The Political Science Forum" is to be the voice of Olsztyn's political scientists and cooperating in research on modern scientific discourse, including the current, the problems of the world. The intention is to address these problems, which are not perceived or not taken into account by the mass media.

"Forum" at The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH).

Already issued the following volumes:

Vol. 5, 2007, pp. 340

Vol 5

Nations of XXI century, ed. by Adam Hołub



Introduction - Adam Hołub

Wawrzyniec Konarski: Nation, minority, nationalism, religion - a reason for discussion about the ideas and connections between them

Grzegorz Janusz: Two-sided agreements about minotity rights as a new quality of protection of minorities in Europe at the turn of XX and XXI century

Andrzej Chodubski: National and ethnic distinction of Caucasus in modern unification and dispersion of the world

Tomasz Kuczur: Nation and nationalism and the civil society - the dilemmas of modern Europe

Adam Pomieciński: Nation and country in the process of globalization

Paweł Timofiejuk: National state and nation vs. globalization - relation analysis

Ewa Godlewska: Legal status of national minotities in Austria at the turn of XX and XXI century

Jacek Więcławski: Russians in Latvia - the problem of status and civic rights of Russian inhabitants of Latvia

Degefe Gemechu: Nationalism in Ethiopia

Adam Hołub: Extremist organizations of non-German national character, being active in BRD

Waldemar Możdżonek: Karaims - forgotten nations

Marek Melnyk: The phenomenon of Volodymyr Pilipovich


Magdalena Bartoś: The memory of Johann Gotfried Herder in Morag

Małgorzata Pietkiewicz: Freemason press in Poland after 1945

Ewa Gółrniak: Social, religious and national issues according to Stanislaw Stempowski

Vol. 4, 2006, p. 344

Vol 4

Islam in contemporary Africa, ed. by Arkadiusz Żukowski



Edward J. Jaremczuk: Face of the African Islam. Outline of the problem

Selim Chazbijewicz: Masonery in Islam taking North Africa into consideration

Rev. Marian Midura: Conducting dialog with Islam on an example of activiti of Polish missionaries in Senegal

Ryszard Vorbrich: Islamic education in Sub-Saharan countries towards Globalisation

Rev. Adam Wąs: Islamic education in Kenya. Selected aspects

Vol. 3, 2005, pp. 256

Vol 3

Polish-African Contacts. Past-Present-Future, ed. by Arkadiusz Żukowski.



Arkadiusz Żukowski: Introduction

Andrzej Chodubski: The Polish stereotype of Africa and its changeability

Maciej Ząbek: Continuoty and changes in the Polish images of Africa

Arkadiusz Żukowski: The beginings of the Polish consular posts in the Union of South Africa

Rev. Jacek Pawlik: Nicolas Grunitzky - a son of Polish man as President of the Republic of Togo

Jacek Knopek: Polish relations with North African Arab countries after the Second World War

Degefe Gemechu: Polish-Ethiopian relations. Outline of the problem

Bara Ndiaye: Polish-Senegal relations. Contemporary conditions and perspectives

Edward J. Jaremczuk: KGHM Polska Miedz SA Connections with Africa

Rev. Kazimierz Łatak: African work of the Pope John Paul II

Rev. Jaroslaw Różański: Polish Oblates in Madagaskar (1980-2005)

Vol. 2, 2005, pp. 187

Vol 2

Multiculturalism in the age of globalization and european integration, ed. by Paweł Woroniecki

Paweł Woroniecki: Introduction - Muliculturalism as a collusion of modern intellectuals

Janusz Goćkowski: The Mosaic of the European Cultures

Krzysztof Ształt: Nations in Europe in Condition of Integration

Dariusz Barbaszyński: Does Tradition Shape the Sense of History? Some comments about relativism and absolutism

Bożena Domagała: Politics of Multiculturalism and Problems of National Minorities in Warmia and Mazury

Paweł Marek Woroniecki: Multiculturalism in Constitutional Regulations and in Selected Programmes of Protection of the European Union

Olha Vasyuta: Muliculturalism of Modern Society

Rev. Zdzisław Kunicki: Religion, Religoius Fundamentalism and Liberal Challenges. From Doctrine for Attitude

Szymon Krzyżaniak: Education in Mulicultural Society

Grażyna Woroniecka: When "They" Will Allow churches to Stay? One More about Dictrines of Multiculturalism

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