"The Political Science Forum" is a series (ISSN 1734-1698) publishing by Institute of Political Science UWM in Olsztyn.

The intention of the editor of the series and editors board "The Political Science Forum" is to be the voice of Olsztyn's political scientists and cooperating in research on modern scientific discourse, including the current, the problems of the world. The intention is to address these problems, which are not perceived or not taken into account by the mass media.

"Forum" at The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH).

Already issued the following volumes:

Volume 9, 2009, pp. 288

Vol. 9

Political parties and social movements in Africa
ed. by Arkadiusz Żukowski


Introduction – Arkadiusz Żukowski

Rev. Jarosław Różański: Changing aligments: Meanders of the political elite in Chad

Krzysztof Trzciński: Kwasi Wiredu's concept of a nonparty state: About a utopia originating from a real experiences

Anna Radłowska: The phenomenon of the dominant party in selected political systems of Subsaharan Africa

Arkadiusz Żukowski: The National Party in South Africa – from full power to downfall

Rev. Adam Romejko: The role of Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the struggle against apartheid

Degefe Gemechu: The legal problems of political parties in Ethiopia

Vol. 8, 2008, pp. 542

Vol. 8

Contemporary Far East in International Relations - Competition and Power
ed. by Degefe Kebede Gemechu


Introduction - Degefe Kebede Gemechu

Paweł Sokala: Chinese Regional Strategy

Anna Kuflikowska: The New Border Politics of China

Jarosław Blaszczak: Ten Years of the Chinese Hong Kong (1997-2007)

Piotr Trzaskowski: Chinese Focus on the Strategy of Central Asia: The 21st Century Silk Route

Paweł Adamiec: Chinese Military Modernization

Degefe Kebede Gemechu: Chinese Policy on Africa: The Strategy of Five Principles

Vol. 7, 2008, pp. 424

Vol. 7

Leaders and leadership in contemporary Africa, ed. by Arkadiusz Żukowski



Introduction - Arkadiusz Żukowski

Maciej Hartliński: Theoretical aspects of political leadership in Africa's context

Rev. Jacek J. Pawlik: Lineage authority in Africa - between the rule of kinship

Degefe Gemechu: Lifelong political leadership and conflicts in Africa

Tomasz Klin: Leadership crisis of the RSA in Southern Africa

Rev. Adam Romejko: The ruling elite of the modern Algeria

Marcin W. Solarz: An outline history of the role of the land reform in the struggle for supreme power in Zimbabwe, 2000-2002

Vol. 6, 2007, pp. 305

Vol 6

Kinds of Political Discourse

ed. by Paweł Woroniecki



Introduction - Paweł Woroniecki

Part I - Towards the "Ritual Chaos"

Olga Wasiuta: Is Crime of Genocide during 1932-1033 only Myth?

Daniel Dydak: Time and History in the Discourse of Symbolic Elites in Histuarium adversus paganos by Orosius

Part II - Discours of "Social Drama"

Justyna Chłodna: The Role of Communist Past in Polish Political Discourse

Agnieszka Klarman: Criminal Law as a Political Matter

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