The Face of Political Science in Olsztyn; 10 years of the Institute of Political Science University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Edited by Janusz Filipkowski, Tomasz Gajowniczek, Beata Kosiba and Danuta Radziszewska-Szczepaniak

Volume 1:  The History of the Institute of Political Science

Author: Tomasz Gajowniczek

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 150.

ISBN 978-83-89559-11-1


Preface - p. 13

I. The History of the Institute of Political Science - p. 15

1. In the Higher Pedagogical School Structure - p. 15

2. As the Unit of the Univertsity of Warmia and Mazury - p. 58

II. Student's Scientific Circles Activities - p. 83

III. List of the Staff (1969-2011) - p. 87

IV. Those, Who Left Us - s. 91

V. Alumni- s. 97

Bibliography - s. 149


Volume 2:  The Research Activities of the Institute of Political Science

Author: Danuta Radziszewska-Szczepaniak

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 217.

ISBN 978-83-89559-12-8



Preface - p. 9

I. Scientific Research, Publishing and Popularization Activities - p. 11

1. Scientific Research Areas - p. 11

2. Participation of Scholars of Institute in Scientific Life - p. 18

3. Publishing Activities - p. 25

4. Popularization of Political Science - p. 27

II. Publication of Scholars - p. 35

III. Conferences, Lectures and Presentations - p. 155



Volume 3: Studies and Essays of Political Science - Political Philosophy and Theory

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 178.

ISBN 978-83-89559-13-5


Antropology in Political Science (Krzysztof Gładkowski) - p. 9

"Antropology Mistake" in Politics. Appeal of Pholosopher for "Human Politics" (Danuta Radziszewska-Szczepaniak) - p. 25

The Concept of Political Pholosophy in Conceptualization of Leo Strauss (Janusz Filipkowski) - p. 35

The Philosophy of Civil Society (Stefan Opara) - p. 47

Human Rights (Teresa Astramowicz-Leyk) - p. 57

"Political Period" in Writings of Charles Journet. From Totalitarian Threat to Human Rights (Rev. Zdzisław Kunicki) - p. 69

Dispute Concering Interpretation of Liberalism (Beata Kosiba) - p. 79

Contemporary Disputes on Subjectivity of Authority and Dignity of Politics (Przemysław Piotrowski) - p. 89

Political Extremism - Threat to Globalism? (Adam Hołub) - p. 107

Political Leadership as the Research Problem (Maciej Hartliński) - p. 121

The Right of Resistance and the Issue of Woman's Government: Radicalism and Misoginy in 16th Century Scottish Political Philosophy (Igor Kąkolewski) - s. 133

Application on the Game Theory in Political Analysis (Sławomir Kurzyński) - p. 161

Description of Changes in the Logics Dichotomous Change (Joanna Obrębska) - p. 171

Volume 4: Studies and Essays of Political Science - About Problems of Polish Politcs

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 181.

ISBN 978-83-89559-14-2



Small Constitution 1947 year – the Begining of erosion the Legal System (Waldemar Tomaszewski) - p. 6

The Collectivization of Village in Olsztyn District in 1949-1956 (Barbara Turower) - p. 21

Office for Religions against Ecclesiastical Effort Polish-German Reconciliation in 1965-1966 (Tomasz Gajowniczek) - p. 39

View on Politics of Wojciech Lamentowicz - Article to History of "Horizontal Structure" in PUWP (Bronisław Bombała) - p. 51

Conditions of Consolidation Polish Democracy (Waldemar Żebrowski) - p. 59

Political Parties in Consolidation Process of Polish Democracy (Tomasz Bojarowicz) - p. 87

Municipal Elections - Draft of Formal Condition (Karolina Tybuchowska-Hartlińska) - p. 103

Public Local Media as the Carrier Election Transfer in Electoral Campaign to the European Parliament in 2009 (Katarzyna Maciejewska-Mieszkowska) - p. 115

Environmental Awareness Transformation of Polish Youths (Krzysztof D. Szulborski) - p. 127

Warmian-Mazurian voivodship in Polish Regional Politics (Barbara Czop) - p. 139

Crossborder Cooperation between Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation (Wojciech Tomasz Modzelewski) - p. 153

Cooperation between Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast from the Perspective of the Polish Foreign Policy at the Turn of the 20th Century (Marcin Chełminiak) - s. 167

Volume 5: Studies and Essays of Political Science - The International Affairs

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 230.

ISBN 978-83-89559-16-6


Anschluss of Austria in the Opinion of Władysław E. Sikorski and Winston S. Churchill - according to the Journalists of "Kurier Warszawski" in 1938 (Marek Jabłonowski) - p. 9

60th Anniversary of the Schumann Declaration. The European Union - Retrospection and Future (Benon Gaziński) - p. 29

The Role of Poland in Designing Eastern Policy of the European Union (Olga Wasiuta) - p. 49

Ethnic Conflicts in Central and South-Eastern Europe after 1989 - Selected Research Problems (Ryszard Czarkowski) - p. 71

Parliamentary Diplomacy of European Council and Solving Conflicts in Central and Eastern European States  (Tadeusz Iwiński) - p. 91

The ROle of Russian Ruling Elites in Shaping Relation with China (Ewa Czarkowska) - p. 101

Chernobyl Disaster - the End of the Soviet Totalitarian Policy of Pseudotechnological Progress (Sergiusz Wasiuta) - p. 119

Ethnic Problems in Crimea int the Geopolitical Context (Selim Chazbijewicz) - p. 141

Formation of the Regional Identity in Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation (Wojciech Kotowicz) - p. 151

Geopolitical Theory of Max Weber and Economic Cooperation Perspective between Poland and Russia (Paweł Woroniecki) - p. 169

Polonia or Polish Diaspora? - Terminological Issues (Arkadiusz Żukowski) - p. 187

Conflict over mineral resources in Ethiopia (Degefe Gemechu) - p. 201

Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations in Turkmenistan (Wojciech Jakubowski) - p. 215