Volume 3: Studies and Essays of Political Science - Political Philosophy and Theory

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 178.

ISBN 978-83-89559-13-5


Antropology in Political Science (Krzysztof Gładkowski) - p. 9

"Antropology Mistake" in Politics. Appeal of Pholosopher for "Human Politics" (Danuta Radziszewska-Szczepaniak) - p. 25

The Concept of Political Pholosophy in Conceptualization of Leo Strauss (Janusz Filipkowski) - p. 35

The Philosophy of Civil Society (Stefan Opara) - p. 47

Human Rights (Teresa Astramowicz-Leyk) - p. 57

"Political Period" in Writings of Charles Journet. From Totalitarian Threat to Human Rights (Rev. Zdzisław Kunicki) - p. 69

Dispute Concering Interpretation of Liberalism (Beata Kosiba) - p. 79

Contemporary Disputes on Subjectivity of Authority and Dignity of Politics (Przemysław Piotrowski) - p. 89

Political Extremism - Threat to Globalism? (Adam Hołub) - p. 107

Political Leadership as the Research Problem (Maciej Hartliński) - p. 121

The Right of Resistance and the Issue of Woman's Government: Radicalism and Misoginy in 16th Century Scottish Political Philosophy (Igor Kąkolewski) - s. 133

Application on the Game Theory in Political Analysis (Sławomir Kurzyński) - p. 161

Description of Changes in the Logics Dichotomous Change (Joanna Obrębska) - p. 171

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