Volume 5: Studies and Essays of Political Science - The International Affairs

Pub. INP UWM, Olsztyn 2011, pp. 230.

ISBN 978-83-89559-16-6


Anschluss of Austria in the Opinion of Władysław E. Sikorski and Winston S. Churchill - according to the Journalists of "Kurier Warszawski" in 1938 (Marek Jabłonowski) - p. 9

60th Anniversary of the Schumann Declaration. The European Union - Retrospection and Future (Benon Gaziński) - p. 29

The Role of Poland in Designing Eastern Policy of the European Union (Olga Wasiuta) - p. 49

Ethnic Conflicts in Central and South-Eastern Europe after 1989 - Selected Research Problems (Ryszard Czarkowski) - p. 71

Parliamentary Diplomacy of European Council and Solving Conflicts in Central and Eastern European States  (Tadeusz Iwiński) - p. 91

The ROle of Russian Ruling Elites in Shaping Relation with China (Ewa Czarkowska) - p. 101

Chernobyl Disaster - the End of the Soviet Totalitarian Policy of Pseudotechnological Progress (Sergiusz Wasiuta) - p. 119

Ethnic Problems in Crimea int the Geopolitical Context (Selim Chazbijewicz) - p. 141

Formation of the Regional Identity in Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation (Wojciech Kotowicz) - p. 151

Geopolitical Theory of Max Weber and Economic Cooperation Perspective between Poland and Russia (Paweł Woroniecki) - p. 169

Polonia or Polish Diaspora? - Terminological Issues (Arkadiusz Żukowski) - p. 187

Conflict over mineral resources in Ethiopia (Degefe Gemechu) - p. 201

Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations in Turkmenistan (Wojciech Jakubowski) - p. 215

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