Artistic Education in the field of Music


First level studies - undergraduate, daytime, 3 years (the graduate obtains a bachelor title)
Second level studies - master, daytime, 2 years (the graduate obtains a master title)


Teaching standards were determined by the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 12 July 2007 on the degree programme requirements for individual fields of study and levels of study, and on the procedure for establishing interdisciplinary degree programmes and degree programmes in macro-fields of study and the requirements to be fulfilled by higher education institutions in order to provide such programmes (O.J. no. 164, item 1166, as amended).


The studies last 3 years (6 semesters).The total course load is 1950 hours, including 1800 hours covered by the minimum curriculum requirements



First-degree studies (3 years): conducting, music ensembles with methodology, piano, 2nd instrument, voice emission, hearing training, instrumentation, art studio, musical work analysis, psychology with psychology of music, music education methodology and theory.

Second-degree studies (2 years): conducting, music ensembles with methodology, chamber ensembles, hearing training with methodology, propaedeutic of composition and arrangement, computer arrangement, propaedeutic of sound mastering, piano improvisation, history of culture, art studio, seminar in lectures and critique in the field of music, social communication and event organisation, promotion and marketing of goods of culture, methodology of music education for disabled people, and others.


Graduates of first degree studies in the field of artistic education, majoring in music, possess the
necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to perform the job of musician,
animator of musical activities and to conduct didactic and music classes within school artistic education programs in kindergartens and schools up to and including junior high school.