Didactic activity of The Institute of Fine Arts

Didactic activity is conducted in the framework of the major Artistic Education in the Field of Visual Arts in the daytime bachelor and master degree studies system.

The study plans, fully adhering to binding educational standards, include general, basic, and artistic subjects, as well as seminars and undergraduate or masters graduation studios.

The didactic classes are taught in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars and artistic studios. The artistic studios (the undergraduate ones completed during the 3rd year and the masters ones completed during the 1st year of level 2 and the 5th year of studies) are supposed to provide preparation and development of graduation theses, i.e. preparation of a set of works from a particular artistic domain.

Some of the essential elements in the process are: Open-air study trip after the 1st year, practical training after the 2nd year, as well as additional training on health and safety at work, ergonomics and intellectual property protection. The study plans take into account the appropriate number of hours of self-education, i.e. the students' independent scientific or artistic activity under the supervision of an academic teacher, including access to all rooms and studios beyond the educational classes included in weekly schedules of classes.

From the academic year 2008/09, by virtue of a resolution of its Council, the Institute of Fine Arts gave up training future teachers. Students can complement their education with a permission to teach in schools in other institutions specialised in training teachers within the University of Warmia and Mazury or in Olsztyn.