History of The Institute of Music

The beginning of higher education in the field of musical education in Olsztyn date back to 1968 when, by the initiative of Prof. Stefan Śledziński, the Teachers College started teaching students in the framework of the major Elementary teaching with music education. Soon after that (in 1970) the Music Teaching Studio was created and, from 1974, already in the structure of the Pedagogic College the Department of Music Education carried out a uniform master course. For many years, it was the only music-profiled major in the region. Despite small staff, the Department, located in the building at the square near Jedności Słowiańskiej Street had significant effect on the musical life of the city, and the graduates of the college occupied the posts of music teachers in numerous schools of Warmia and Mazury.

The Department of Music Education was composed, in part, of the artists connected with the Olsztyn Philharmonic Orchestra (conductors, instrumentalists) and scientists of merit for the musical culture region of Warmia and Mazury. The artistic activity of the choirmasters connected with the Department resulted in the creation of choral ensembles which occupied, for decades, a prominent position in Poland, being also very successful in national and international competitions and festivals. Thanks to them, Olsztyn became one of the most important centres of choral music in Poland.

After obtaining subsequent scientific degrees by its lecturers, the Department of Music Education was granted a post of a Chair and, in 1993 - it became the Institute of Music. In 1999, it was included in the structure of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, established then by an act of the Parliament; in 2007, it obtained a new seat at Szrajbera Street, to become part of the Faculty of Art created in 2009 along with the Institute of Fine Arts. Currently, the Institute of Music carries out educational activity in the daytime studies system (at the undergraduate and masters level) in the framework of the major Artistic Education in the Field of Music, being also authorised to award the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in the artistic discipline of Conducting.