The Institute of Music

The Institute educates future music teachers, instructors and organisers of musical life, working in schools and culture institutions. The Institute, during its more than 40-year history, has also hosted many artists of the Polish stage. Our lecturers included outstanding performers of different genres of instrumental, choral and light music.


The Institute of Music carries out educational activity in the framework of 3-year undergraduate studies and 2-year master degree studies in the form of the major Artistic Education in the Field of Music. The program of studies is continuously improved and adapted to the requirements of contemporary education market: it includes learning to play instruments, singing, conducting and leading music ensembles, fundamentals of composition, arrangement and sound mastering.


In the course of their studies, students have an opportunity to practice in different music ensembles (vocal, instrumental, choral and others) as well as in schools and culture centres. The organisation of the studies gives our students a chance for free development of their creative and performing interests and skills.