No. 33(3)/2018

Animal Breeding and Husbandry

  • The Conditions of Housing Young Mink with Their Mothers As a Crucial Contributing Factor Influencing the Results of Reproductive Efficiency in Relation to the Requirements of The Fur Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol

    Autorzy: M. Brzozowski


  • Morphometric Characteristics of Alien Crayfish Cherax Quadricarinatus from Maninjau Lake (West Sumatra, Indonesia)

    Autorzy: L. Purnamasari, R. Kasmeri, M.H.F. Amin, A. Soegianto

Food and Nutrition Sciences

  • Antioxidant Properties of Low-Sugar Strawberry Jam Enriched with Plant Raw Materials

    Autorzy: A. Banaś, A. Korus, M. Tabaszewska
    Plik: PDF icon 3-banas.pdf
  • A Comparison of Nutritional Value of Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oils Obtained from Seeds Grown under Conventional and Ecological Conditions

    Autorzy: M. Wroniak, A. Rękas, D. Derewiaka

Environmental Protection

  • The Relationship between Iron, Lead and Cobalt Content in Water, Sediments, Nile Tilapia and African River Prawn of Lake Asejire, Nigeria

    Autorzy: A.H. Oladele, O. Digun-Aweto, A. Jenyo-Oni
    Plik: PDF icon oladele.pdf
  • Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agriculture in the Podlaskie Voivodeship in Years 1999–2015

    Autorzy: A. Wysocka-Czubaszek, P. Banaszuk, R. Czubaszek

Humans and Environment

  • Use of Biotic Resources of Roztocze in Tourism Offers in the Context of the Theoretical Concept of Tourism Area Product

    Autorzy: T. Brzezińska -Wójcik

Veterinary Medicine

  • The Use of Manual Therapy in Canine Discipline – Agility

    Autorzy: D. Gulda , M. Lik
    Plik: PDF icon 8-gulda.pdf
  • Review of Procedures Concerning Animals Involved in Traffic Accidents – Including Own Investigations

    Autorzy: J. Karaźniewicz, I. Sołtyszewski, T. Malewski, J. Szarek, M. Felsmann, W. Grudzień, A. Dzikowski