Rules for reviewing

Review form

List of reviewers

Review process (in effect since 2012)

The rules for reviewing scientific articles adopted by the journal Forum Teologiczne (Theological Forum) in 2011 conform to the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  1. Each article (paper) is reviewed by two independent reviewers from outside the unit.
  2. In the case of texts written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution located in a country other than the nationality of the author of the paper.
  3. The requirement of the so-called double-blind review process is taken into account within the reviewing rules (the author and the reviewers do not know their identities).
  4. In other cases, the reviewer signs a declaration of no conflict of interests, which can be expressed in relations between the reviewer and the author:
    – direct personal relations (kinship, legal ties, conflict),
    – reporting relationships,
    – direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.
  5. The reviewer fills in the review form adopted by the editors or prepares the review according to his or her own pattern, where he or she must formulate an unequivocal conclusion regarding the admission of the article for publication or its rejection.

Main criteria for admitting articles for the review process:

– the subject of the article must be consistent with the journal’s profile,
– the formal requirements include logical structure, scientific language, abstracts and key words, the research apparatus,
– content-wise, the author must relate in the article to a specific scientific problem and not only recapitulate textbook knowledge on a given subject,
– if it concerns already discussed problems, it should contribute new aspects and viewpoints,
– if one of the reviews is negative, a decision on publishing the article in Forum Teologiczne shall be made by the Editorial Committee. Two negative reviews eliminate the article from further processing.