Family – Religion – Spirituality. Integration of family and theological research

Date: June 02, 2023 

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What are the dilemmas of a present-day family?
How do religions support families in solving family dilemmas?
What familiological content is found in various spiritualities?

We ask these and similar questions to specialists.

Organizing Commitee:

dr hab. Marek Karczewski, prof. UWM; dr hab. Aleksandra Nalewaj; dr hab. Katarzyna Parzych-Blakiewicz, prof. UWM; dr hab. Paweł Rabczyński, prof. UWM; prof. dr hab. Michał Wojciechowski; dr hab. Marek Żmudziński, prof. UWM; dr hab. Zdzisław Żywica, prof. UWM