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About us

The Centre of Polish Culture and Language For Foreigners, as one of the general public units of the University of Warmia and Mazury, was established on 28 January 2005 on a UWM Senate Resolution. The Centre is based in the newly erected centre for the Faculty of Humanities on the Kortowo site – one of the most picturesque university campuses in Poland (over 130 ha of green belt around Lake Kortowskie, with food and accommodation infrastructure, numerous students` clubs, sports centres, a modern library and bookshops ). 
Our objective is to teach Polish to foreigners and to promote the breadth and depth of Polish culture. We coach foreigners as well as people of Polish origin who reside abroad by making them aware of the richness of Polish culture, incorporating elements of history, literature, art, customs and traditions as well as everyday Polish reality into our curriculum. We organize semester courses, intensive summer courses and individual lessons including preparations for Polish as a foreign language state examinations. 
Out teachers are professional lecturers of Polish as a foreign language with many years of experience in teaching foreigners. Members of our staff include creative and open-minded Polish teachers with a good command of foreign languages who work at the University of Warmia and Mazury. They are really helpful in breaking both language and cultural barriers.  
 The participants of our courses and individual lessons are foreigners from many different countries, to name but a few: Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, UK, France, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia.  
We cordially invite all foreigners as well as people of Polish origin to join our courses. Our teaching is professional, effective and based on the communicative method. Time with us focuses mainly on learning Polish and Polish culture, however, we also create an opportunity to share international learning and experience, to meet new people and make friends, as well as to do a great deal of sightseeing in our beautiful region of Warmia and Mazury with its capital city of Olsztyn.