8th International Symposium on Familiology 2024

 A child in the family
The quest for an integral platform for familiological research

Date: June 12, 2024


University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn,
Society of Dogmatic Theologians,
Polish Theological Society – Branch in Elbląg

Meeting place:
Stationary: Faculty of Theology UWM in Olsztyn, ul. Hojusza 15 (Poland)
Online: app Google Meet, code (access: 12.06.2024): rrm-exyg-qhs


The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn invites you to participate in the 8th International Familiological Symposium on the topic “A child in the family”, on June 12, 2024. The purpose of the symposium is to meet specialists from various research areas to find an integral plan of familiological research. A common research question is the issue of the child’s place and its importance in the family, presented from the perspective of a specific scientific discipline.

We direct questions to historians, sociologists, educators, psychologists, theologians, philosophers, and other specialists who are interested in the proposed topic.

• Historical question: How has the child’s place in the family been perceived over the centuries?
• Sociological issue: What dilemmas related to the child’s place in the family does the modern family struggle with in the social and cultural conditions, in different countries and on different continents?
• Pedagogical issue: How are educational priorities shaped and what do they depend on? How are values shown to a child by the family?
• Psychological issue: What influences the development of a child’s personality? What are the contemporary problems related to a child’s spiritual development? How can families deal with these problems?
• Theological issue: What is education for holiness?
• Philosophical question: What value does a child have among the other elements of human reality?
• Cultural issue: What is the child’s place in the family, in the perspective of various national and religious traditions?
• Other issues, according to the merits of the sources examined.

Hybrid form of participation: stationary – Faculty of Theology UWM in Olsztyn, 15 Hozjusza St.; online – Google Meet application: https://meet.google.com/rrm-exyg-qhs
If you are interested in active participation, please contact: tdf@uwm.edu.pl

On behalf of the organizing team:
Prof. Katarzyna Parzych-Blakiewicz

Organizing Commitee:
Prof. Marek Karczewski
Dr. Ewelina M. Mączka
Prof. Katarzyna Parzych-Blakiewicz
Dr. Maria Piechocka-Kłos
Prof. Paweł Rabczyński
Mgr Rafał Rozumowicz
Prof. Marek Żmudziński
Prof. Zdzisław Żywica

Research Council:
Prof. Janusz Bujak [USz, Szczecin]
Prof. Martín Carbajo-Núñez, OFM [PUA, Rome]
Prof. Kotel DaDon [University of Zagreb, Croatia]
Prof. Wojciech Gajewski [UG, Gdańsk]
Prof. Ryszard Hajduk, CSsR [UWM, Olsztyn]
Bp Dr. Jacek Jezierski [Diocese of Elbląg]
Prof. Zdzisław J. Kijas [UPJP II, Kraków]
Prof. Jacek J. Pawlik, SVD [UWM, Olsztyn]
Prof. Paweł Sambor, OFM [PUA, Rome]

PDF – Invitation