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Academic Study

  • 1999-2002 University of Edinburgh (Anthropological research funded by ESRC)
  • 1998-99 University of Edinburgh (MSc Social Anthropology)
  • 1996-97 Queen's University of Belfast (MA, Social Anthropology)
  • 1991-95 University of Glasgow: Degree of MA (Hons) First Class Theatre Studies and  English Language (included courses in Medieval History, English Language (Linguistics) and Literature, Theories of Second Language Acquisition: Certificates of Merit gained in English Lang (Linguistics). and English Lit. Erasmus exchange to Helsinki Uni. March - June 1994)
  • 1990-91 Telford College of Art and Technology (Humanities Access Course)


Professional Qualifications

  • Polish Primary School Teaching Certificate (2018)
  • CELTA (Cert of English Teaching) (awarded 2003)



  • 2018-  Lecturer, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn
  • 2016-2018 Teacher of English, Primary School SP34 in Jaroty, Olsztyn
  • 2002-2016 Teacher of English, English Perfect Language School, Olsztyn,
  • Summer 2015 Teacher of English, Churchill House (summer school), Aldenham
  • Summer 2008/13 Teacher of English, Discovery Summer (summer school), Shrewsbury and Radley.
  • Oct 2004-5 Teacher of English/ Theatre, Non-Public School of Derc, Poland
  • Oct 2002-3 Teacher of English, Catholic Liceum/Gymnasium, Olsztyn, Poland.
  • April 2000-01 Actor/Workshop Leader, Teatr Wiejski Węgajty, Poland
  • Oct 1998-Apr. 2000 P/T Tutor Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, Glasgow
  • Oct- Dec 1998 P/T Tutor Glasgow Uni. (Theatre Studies)
  • Oct 1995-Aug 1996 Lector of English University of Ss Kiril & Metodij, Skopje, R. Macedonia.

Subjects Taught

  • Contemporary Problems in English Speaking Countries
  • Academic Writing
  • English Language (beginner to advanced levels)
  • Primary School English (Year 4-7)
  • English CAE, FCE and IELTS Exam courses
  • Business English
  • English for Catering
  • English for Hotel and Restaurant Work
  • Military English
  • Theatre
  • Puppetry Skills (HND)


Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Anthropology of Theatre
  • Theatre History and Practice
  • Traditional Puppetry of Britain and Europe
  • Anthropology of Wrestling and Combat Sports

Academic Publications

  1. The Punch and Judy Show: Its History and Cultural Significance in Acta Neofilologia UWM Olsztyn (forthcoming)
  2. The Borders of Reception: Differing expectations and reactions to the work of Teatr Wiejski "Węgajty" in various locations in Regiony i Pogranicza 5/2017 (160-173), Ośrodek Badań Naukowych, Olsztyn 2017.
  3. Wrestling With Manhood: Expressions of  Masculinity in  Balkan Oiled Wrestling in Ethnoanthropozoom 13 (133-165) , UKiM, Skopje 2015
  4. Teatr Wiejski Węgajty: Travelling Theatre, the Urban and the Rural in Ethnoanthropozoom 11(41-61)  UKiM Skopje 2014.
  5. Winter Carolling with Teatr Wiejski "Węgajty" in Context Vol 12 (199-214) Institute of Macedonian Literature, Skopje 2014
  6. Masked Traditions in Britain in Maski (proceedings from Rituals with Mask Symposium, Struga, Macedonia), Museum of Macedonia, Skopje 1999.
  7. Wrestling with Identities: Physical prowess and cultural expression in  Sport in Society, Volume 2, Issue 1 Spring 1999 pp 108-126.
  8. Wrestling with Identities: masculinity, physical performance and cultural expression. International Journal of Albanian Studies, Vol. 1, Issue 2. 1998. pp 112-138.
  9. Another String to Your Bow in English Teaching Professional (Issue 99), July 2015

Articles for The Teacher Magazine (Poland)

  1. Primary Translations 10 (162) 2018
  2. Tips for Shadows Shows 01(155) 2018
  3. Shadow Theatre; welcome to the dark side.04 (148) 2017
  4. Blue Shadows 02 (146) 2017
  5. Conspiracy Theories 01 (135) 2016
  6. Mumming and Carolling in the British Isles 12 (134) 2015
  7. Ghost Story 11 (133) 2015
  8. Martial Arts (Part 2)  04 (128) 2015  
  9. Perry and Croft: Masters of Comedy 03 (127) 2015
  10. Working Abroad, a few tips 02 (126) 2015
  11. Peaky Blinders 11 (123) 2014
  12. Martial Arts 10 (122) 2014
  13. Literature of WW108-09 (121) 2014
  14. Then and now: the relevance of WW1 in Britain 06-07 (120) 2014
  15. Not just Pythons and Beans: Post-Python comedy in UK05 (119) 2014
  16. Bits and Pieces: assorted sayings, phrases and gestures 04 (118) 2014
  17. Innuendo and Double Entendre 03 (117) 2014
  18. Folksongs in Class 02 (116) 2014
  19. Downton Abbey 01 (115) 2014
  20. Folk music and Song 01 (115) 2014
  21. Upgrade your English 11 (113) 2013
  22. Stars of British Comedy from Days Gone By 06-07 (110) 2013
  23. Swearing 05 (109) 2013
  24. "But why shouldn't I say 'Nxxxxx?" Race, ethnicity, and disability: (In) Appropriate language 03 (107) 2013
  25. Religion in UK (Part 2) 03 (107) 2013
  26. Religion in UK (Part 1) 02 (106) 2013
  27. It's a boggy job but I've just been lemoned to do it (a short introduction to British Army Slang)       01 (105) 2013
  28. Pantomime 12 (104) 2012
  29. Schools in Britain (Part 2) 11 (103) 2012
  30. Schools in Britain (Part 1) 10 (102) 2012
  31. Punch and Judy 02 (96) 2011
  32. Dramatic projects and dramatic progress (Part 3) 01 (85) 2011
  33. Dramatic projects and dramatic progress (Part 2 12 (84) 2010
  34. Dramatic projects and dramatic progress (Part 1)11 (83) 2010

Puppet Notebook (BRUNIMA)

  1. Village Dances: Music and Puppetry in Polish Carolling  Issue 3(Autumn 2005)
  2. Szopka Scrooge in Poland Issue 2 (Spring 2005)


Organisational experience

English Language summer camps, Teacher training workshops (theatre and drama in the classroom), Theatre workshops, English Language theatre/music projects

Workshops with Special Needs and therapy groups include:

  • Therapy Project, (Gołdap), Theatre workshops with participants  Warsztaty Terapii Zajęciowej Special Needs/Learning Difficulties, 2002-2009;
  • Chata z Pomysłami (Warsaw), Theatre performances and workshops in Puppet/Mask construction and performance)
  • Bi-Annual Festival of Theatre and Therapy (Łodż: June 2008). Workshop about the role of shadow puppetry in therapy and teaching and the creation of a shadow piece.)

English Language and Educational Theatre Projects with Teenagers and Children.

  1. From Beyond the Grave (April 2015) Loggerheads Theatre Group, MOK Olsztyn (writer and director)
  2. Tales of Terror (October 2014) Loggerheads Theatre Group, MOK Olsztyn. Collection of original ghost stories (actor, writer and director)
  3. Tommies in the Trenches: Poetry of WW1 (May 2014) Loggerheads Theatre Group (director)
  4. Romeo and Juliet (Feb 2014) English Perfect Theatre Group (director)
  5. Peter Pan (June 2013) English Perfect Theatre Group (students). Writer and Director
  6. A Christmas Carol (Dec 2012) with teachers and students of English Perfect school (writer and director), MOK Olsztyn.
  7. Robert Burns' Evening (Jan 2012) with students and teachers of English Perfect school. Theatre performance, poetry and songs of Robert Burns (performer and director)
  8. Kaidankai: Opowieści Grozy (Sept 2011) Collection of ghost stories in English, Japanese and Polish with students of English Perfect (writer and director)
  9. Linguistic Detectives (Sept-Dec 2009) ELT project and drama project. Teacher of English and writer of  two plays within the project  Shirley Holmes and the Case of the Hound of the Fashion-avilles  and Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Case of the Missing Spectacles.
  10. The Adventures of Robin Hood (Jan 2009) Traditional Pantomime with staff of English Perfect, Olsztyn,     Poland (self-penned)
  11. Virtual Ghosts of Sętal(Feb-June 2008) English teaching as part of multi-media history project, Sętal village, Poland.
  12. Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (April 2008) Theatrical presentation of poetry by T.S. Eliot., Olsztyn, Poland.
  13. Cinderella (Jan 2008) Traditional pantomime with staff of English Perfect, Olsztyn, Poland (self-penned).
  14. Wandering Troubadours (August 2007)  (theatre trainer) A week-long theatre project with teenagers from Poland, Germany and Estonia, Dywity, Poland. (based on a campsite, on-sight, pastoral duties)
  15. Macbeth (June 2007) Self-adapted contemporary English version of Shakespeare's play. English Perfect Theatre Club. Olsztyn, Poland
  16. Robert Burns Evening (Feb 2007) Poems and sketches based on poetry of Robert Burns. Cutty Sark Theatre(a section of English Perfect Theatre Club). "Spichlerz", Olsztyn, Poland.
  17. The Poetry is in the Pity (Nov 2006) Theatre performance based on English language war poetry of Wilfred Owen. CuttySark Theatre (a section of English Perfect Theatre Club). "Spichlerz", Olsztyn, Poland.
  18. Once Upon a Time (July 2006) (theatre trainer) Youth Theatre Project with teenagers from Denmark, Germany and Poland. Munich, Germany (residential) for BORUSSIA, Poland.
  19. A Midsummer Night's Dream (May 2006) Longman Modern English adaption. Pertformed by students of English Perfect Theatre Club. Olsztyn, Poland
  20. Spies (April 2006)  Bi-lingual (English and Polish) comedy play (self-penned) with students of Primary school of Derc, Poland (also performed in Austria as part of a school exchange).
  21. Puck of Pook's Hill (2005) Self-Adaption of the novel. Performed by children and teenagers of Dywity, Poland as part of Puck and Friends English Learning Project (Regional Culture House of Dywity)
  22. Romeo & Juliet. (May 2005) Modern English translation (Longmans)with teenage students of English Perfect, Olsztyn.
  23. The Wawel Dragon (June 2005) Adaption of a Polish folk-story. Performed by the children of the village school in Derc, Poland  (self penned)
  24. Romeo & Juliet (June 2005) Adaption of Shakespeare's play. Performed by the children of the village school in Derc, Poland  (self penned) 
  25. The Monkey King (Jan 2005) Adaption of the Chinese Folk-Tale. Village Primary School of Derc, Poland.
  26. Opowieść Wigilijna (Scrooge) (Dec 2003) A szopka-style puppet piece. Performed in Polish by children of the village school of Derc, Poland..
  27. Midsummer Madness (June 2004) Ruś, Poland. A summer workshop project involving young people from Germany, Poland and Russia. Workshops in theatre, Commedia dell Arte, mask-making etc. The project culminated in a promenade performance in Olsztyn city centre and a 'static' performance in Ruś village. Commisioned by Borussia cultural organisation, Olsztyn.
  28. Peter Pan (June 2004) Adaptation and performance (with permission from Great Ormond Street Hospital). Performed in English by children of the village school of Derc, Poland.
  29. Opowieść Wigilijna (Scrooge) (Dec 2003) A szopka-style puppet piece. Performed in Polish by children of the village of Nowy Włoki.
  30. Night of the Fairies (05/05/03) Adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Performed in English by children of the village school of Derc, Poland. (self-penned)
  31. A Midsummer's Workshop (Aug 2002), Ruś, Poland. A English Language summer workshop project involving young people from Germany, Poland and Russia. Workshops in theatre, mask-making etc, culminating in a devised piece based on A Midsummer Night's Dream. Commisioned by Borussia cultural organisation, Olsztyn.
  32. Robin Hood(01/05/01) Jeziorany, Poland. English Language project. Performed by schoolchildren from the Warmia-Mazury region as part of the Day of Anglo-Saxon Culture project. (self-penned)
  33. Ballad of the Sad Café (May 1996) Skopje, Rep. Macedonia. Director of Edward Albee's adaptation of Carson McCullers' novella. Performed in English by students of English Faculty, UKiM.


Hobbies and Interests

Music, Theatre/Drama/Puppetry, Folk Songs, Writing Ghost Stories