Scientific-research activity
Multidirectional scientific research activity (also with foreign partners) and well-prepared didactic staff allow a wide range of education to be provided at the Faculty of Food Sciences in the following disciplines:
  • basic (chemistry and biochemistry, physics and biophysics, process technique and engineering, economics),
  • directional (food analysis, food hygiene, food microbiology and biotechnology, human nutrition, economics),
  • specialist - professional (technology and biotechnology, process engineering and devices in food industry, energy management).

Research subjects in the Faculty concern mainly:
  • characteristics of components and improvements of the methods for quality assessment of raw materials and food products,
  • optimization of traditional and development of new technologies and biotechnologies,
  • characteristic of physiological activity of microorganisms active in food in the aspect of their application or elimination,
  • improvement of features of microorganisms by applying methodologies of genetic engineering facilitating their technological use,
  • methods of obtaining and characteristics of bio-preparations useful in food technology,
  • characteristics and interactions of biologically active compounds in food raw materials and products,
  • obtaining knowledge of functional and nutritive properties of food components and assessment of their nutritional and health value,
  • engineering of individual processes with studies on rheological properties of raw materials and foods in technological processes,
  • transport and energy management in food industry,
  • basic engineering processes and application of membrane technology and mixing,
  • application of food quality and safety control and assurance (HACCP, ISO 9000)

The above areas of studies encompass both cognitive-scientific and utility aspects of high practical value.