Currently the Faculty is involved in effective cooperation with numerous international and national corporations. More than 25 contracts and agreements, signed since 1994, offer important scientific and didactic effects as well as considerable material effects.

    The Faculty is implementing numerous projects within the international scientific, research, educational and development programmes such as PHARE, TEMPUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, LEONARDO as well as international and national programmes coordinated by the Committee of Scientific Research (currently Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technologies).

    Those include, e.g.: - the PHARE project - "Quality improvement in the Polish dairy and fisheries sectors", - TEMPUS project - "European studies in the agricultural food sector" - INCO-COPERNICUS project - "Controlled production of functional exopolysaccharides by thermophilic lactic acid bacteria to obtain high quality fermented milk". - Eurequa Leonardo da Vinci 2000 Program projects are as follow: "Education for quality" and "European challenges for agriculture".

The intergovernmental programs are: "Application of immobilized microorganisms in fermentation technologies and liquid wastes treatment" and "Modification of physiological features of kefir grains' microorganisms influencing health and organoleptic quality of dairy products".

Establishment and financing by the European Union of Warmia and Mazury Dairy Excellence Center WAMADAIREC coordinated by Prof. dr hab. inż. Stefan Ziajka is a major success of the Faculty of Food Sciences.

    The Faculty, together with WAMADAIREC and within the frameworks of its scientific and organizational-didactic activity cooperates with the National and Regional Contact Points organizing numerous national and international training events, workshops and conferences. Exchange of students Implementing its tasks aiming at improvement of education process improvement, the Faculty of Food Sciences students participate in the SOCRATES ERASMUS program, which results in numerous scholarships in the European Union countries. In total forty students and Ph.D. students benefited during the years 1999-2004.

    Cooperation agreements The Faculty cooperates with numerous scientific centers and production companies in Poland and abroad. Currently, the Faculty is a party to cooperation agreements and contacts with numerous international companies in the field of modern processing, mainly in food industry such as: Alpma (Germany), ARGO (Białystok), Biolacta Danisco (Poland), Chr. Hansen (Poland), Comp (Rzeszów), Diverseylever (Poland), Ecolab (Poland), Elopak (Poland), Euro-sep (Warsaw), Expak (Kraków), Foos (Poland), GEA (Poland), Loos (Poland), Tymbark S.A. (Olszynek), OBRAM (Olsztyn), Polmeat (Brodnica), PMB (Białystok), TETRA PAK (Poland), TEWES-BIS (Olsztyn), UNITEX CBR (Gdańsk), Wild (Poland), Westmilch (Germany), World Trade Center Expol (Gdańsk), Zentis (Poland). The Faculty of Food Sciences cooperates with many foreign universities and implements agreements with: Martin-Luther University Halle Wittenberg, Fachhochule Wiesbaden Technische Universität München, ENSAIA (Nancy), Universidade Catolica Portuguesa Porto, Universidad de Burgos, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Bournemouth, University Van Hall Institute Leuvaarden, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, TEI of Athens, Agricultural University of Athens, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Ghent. Participation in international programmes Eurequa Project. Leonardo da Vinci 2000 Program. System Lucia - prof. dr hab. inż. Ł. Fornal, prof. zw. Quality Improvement in the Polish Dairy and Fisheries Sectors - PL 9704-01-10/12 Program PHARE (15 November 1999 - 31 March 2001) Natural Resources International - University of Greenwich - Main Coordinator Institute of Dairy Science and Technology Development UWM in Olsztyn - Coordinator for Poland Institute of Maritime Fisheries in Gdynia Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw State Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Puławy Tempus - Jep 14 111, Erasmus - Socrates Agreements within SOCRATES programme, Courses, European module, modernization of bachelor and master degree courses curricula in non-conventional applications of microorganisms in food technology SOCRATES - Fachhochschule Merseburg, Fachbereich Mathematik/ Naturwissen-schaften Informatik; Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg,

    The Faculty of Food Sciences also participates in implementation of the 5th EUROPEAN UNION FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME. Currently employees of the Faculty participate in implementation of the following projects: "Warmia and Mazury Dairy Excellence Center", where Prof. dr hab. inż. Stefan Ziajka, prof. zw. is the project coordinator. The Diary Excellence Center is a scientific unit that carries out continuous scientific research and international cooperation, particularly within the frameworks of the EU programs to develop sciences in the fields considered particularly important for the economy according to the scientific policy of the State. SENIOR FOOD QOL project managed by Dr inż. Marzena Danowska-Oziewicz from the Chair of Human Nutrition, of the UWM in Olsztyn is implemented together with other research centers from 8 European countries within the priority "Quality of Life" during the years 2003-2005. The research aims at understanding the problems of senior people resulting from the demand for food, preparation and consumption of meals. The project should result in defining the relations between consumption of food, health and quality of life of senior people and formulation of recommendations, implementation of which would allow maintaining independence and quality of life of senior people. In 2003, another Leonardo da Vinci SECUPROD project - modular courses in production of wines and cheeses - food safety in small and medium enterprises planed for the years 2003-2005 by Prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Babuchowski reached the implementation stage. In 2005, Prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Babuchowski started work aiming at establishment of the national Food Technology Platform with the main objective to establish public private partnership in the area of research and technology development
. In 2007 was formed Dairy Claster, in which Faculty of Food Science is responsible for scientific programme.

Membership in international scientific organizations and membership of national scientific and scientific-technological organizations:

Faculty staff are members of the:
  • Committee of Food Technology and Chemistry PAS,
  • Committee of Food Sciences PAS,
  • Committee of Human Nutrition Science PAS,
  • Committee of Biotechnology at the Presidium of the PAS,
  • Polish Association of Food Technologists (PAFT),
  • Polish Society of Nutrition Sciences,
  • Commission of the Science of Commodities and Quality Sciences PAS, Poznań Branch,
  • Fats Section of PAFT,
  • Polish Society of Magnesium Science,
  • Polish Society of Studies on Arteriosclerosis,
  • Polish Physiological Society,
  • Polish Obesity and Metabolism Diseases Society,
  • Commission of Nutrition Education of the Committee on Human Nutrition Science PAS,
  • Commission on Nutrition of Children and Youth of the Committee of Human Nutrition Science PAS,
  • Polish Society of Veterinary Science,
  • Polish Chemical Society,
  • Committee of Analytical Chemistry PAS,
  • Commission of Analyses in Agriculture PAS,
  • Commission of Analyses in Bromatology.

and they also work actively in the:
  • Committee of Chemical and Process Engineering PAS.
  • Section of Process Engineering and Environment Protection (TO9C).
  • Section of Agricultural Engineering (PO6F)
  • Section of Multiphase Flows of the Committee on Fluid Mechanics PAS
  • Section of Technology in Food Processing of the Committee of Agricultural Technology PAS
  • Scientific Council of the Institute of Science and Technology in Gdańsk
  • Presidium of the Board of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Industry
  • Scientific-Technical Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians
  • Scientific Council of the Institute of Biotechnology of Agricultural Food Industry
  • Polish Physical Society
  • Polish Biophysical Society
  • Scientific-Technical Association of Energy and Environment in Dairy Industry.
  • Polish Society of Engineering Rheology.
  • Main Commission SITPChem for Professional Specialization of Engineers and Technicians in Chemical Engineering and Devices