Food Engineering (2nd degree studies) - Enrollment procedure

Students are recruited separately by the Polish university (current recruitment January-February 2018 – the first semester starts from the 5th of March 2018) and the German university (the summer 2017 recruitment process completed – students finish the first semester of classes and come to Olsztyn – classes start in March 2018).

If you are interested in an engineer’s vision of the development of food and methods of its production, you are welcome to take up these studies. Applications can be filed by graduates from engineer’s studies in agriculture, forestry and veterinary sciences, with good knowledge of English (documented level B2), and at the same time mobile and eager to acquire new competences and experience during their studies at a Polish or German university.

The syllabus of joint studies includes the following subjects:

The first Semester  – spring-summer (classes in Olsztyn):

  1. Methodology of experimental studies
  2. Basics of nutrition
  3. Food physics and rheology
  4. Food marketing and production economics
  5. Food quality and safety management
  6. Novel food products
  7. Enzymology, bioinformatics and bioprocesses
  8. Technological equipment in food processing
  9. Technical microbiology
  10. German language
  11. Language (elective): English terminology in food engineering/ or /Polish language support

The secend Semester – autumn-winter (classes conducted in Offenburg):

  1. Modules of non-technical competences: public relation + electives
  2. Safety engineering
  3. Process control engineering
  4. Biotechnological conversion processes
  5. Chemical engineering
  6. Technical school - Process engineering
  7. Water processing
  8. Elective modules: Biotechnical processes - BP /or/ Renewable energy conversion REC)
  9. BP: Dimensioning biotechnological processes +