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6-years MD program
October 2020 - September 2026
transfer from ext. university
October 2020 - September 2026
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 Document checklist
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Application form
Health Certificate completed by a doctor
Original of birth certificate or a copy certified by a public notary and an English or Polish translation by a sworn translator
A certified by the Polish Consulate original High School Diploma (Secondary School Certificate) or other document (with a clause proving the right to apply for admission to higher education institution in the country where the certificate was issued) recognized as equivalent to the Polish general certificate of secondary education and an English or Polish translation by a sworn translator
Four photographs (35 x 45 mm), against a light background, taken without headgear
One photograph in electronic version (PNG, JPG, BMP file, size 300 x 375 pixels, image resolution not lover then 300 dpi) on an electronic media (e.g. CD)
A certified photocopy of a valid passport (the page with photo)
Proof of the payment of the admission fee
Certificate of Proficiency in English (e.g. IELTS - 6.5)
Proof of health insurance valid in Poland (European Union citizens- EHIC card) - after admission
A copy of students visa - after admission
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      or send the package to the Admission Office
      - Candidates from Saudi Arabia must include the currently authorized Saudi ID Card
     - Candidates from Scandinavia please send the signed application form and the originals of the documents to the Scand. Admission Office


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