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The Faculty of Animal Bioengineering was established in 1950 as the Faculty of Animal Husbandry at the newly created Higher School of Agriculture in Olsztyn. In 1972 the School was received a new name, i.e. the University of Agri-culture and Technology. On 1 September 1999, the University of Agriculture and Technology was integrated into the structure of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. The University was established following the merger between three Olsztyn Higher Schools, namely: the University of Agriculture and Technology, the Higher School of Teacher Education and the Warmian Theological Institute.
During the first year of its existence, the organizational structure of the Faculty was comprised of four units, the Department of Animal Biology, the Department of Domestic Animals Breeding, the Department of Specialized Domestic Animals Breeding, and the Department of Animal Nutrition.
All academic years that followed were marked by a dynamic development of the Faculty. In 1966 the Faculty acquired full academic rights to grant doctoral and postdoctoral (doctor habilitated) degrees in the field of Agricultural Sciences, the discipline of Animal Husbandry.
In 1998 the University Senate, upon the motion of the Council of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Council, passed the resolution to change the name of the faculty into the Faculty of Animal Bioengineering.

During a 60-year history of the Faculty, over 340 persons obtained the academic degree of doctor, 117 persons obtained the postdoctoral degree (doctor habilitated) in the field of Agricultural Sciences, the discipline of Animal Husbandry, and 57 were granted the title of Professor. Ponadto wypromowano 7 doktorów honoris causa. Studia ukończyło ponad 8,7 tys. absolwentów z tytułem magistra inżyniera lub inżyniera. At present the research and teaching staff of the Faculty is composed of 78 academic teachers including: 34 professors (22 titular ones) and 10 doctors habilitated. 

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