Research Team

Name: Dr. Piotr Kosinski
Educational Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor at Institute of Geodesy and Civil Engineering, Poland
Department: Department of Civil Engineering and Building Physics
University: University of Warmia and Mazury

Research Interests: Building physics, Hygrothermal diagnostics, Thernal Insulation, Bio-based materials

Biography: Dr. Piotr Kosinski is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Geodesy and Civil Engineering at University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn (Poland). He completed his PhD in the field of Civil Engineering, Building Physics at Bialystok University of Technology, Bialystok (Poland). He pursued his Master degree in both Information Technology (2006-2008) and Civil Engineering (2008-2010) at the University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn (Poland).

Name: Dr. Lukas Bosak
Educational Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovakia
Department: Department of Building Construction

Research Interests: Building physics, Roof Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Bio-based materials

Biography: Experienced Civil Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. Skilled in ArchiCAD, Vray, Enscape, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and SketchUp. Strong arts and design professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Theory and Structures of Buildings from Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave.

Name: Dr. Balasz Nagy
Educational Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Hungary
University: Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Research Interests: Building physics, building energetics, construction technology

Biography: I graduated in 2012 from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering branch with Construction Technology and Management specialization. After my bachelor’s degree, I completed a post-graduate engineering course at BME Faculty of Architecture Dept. of Building Energetics and Building Services and obtained a Specialised Engineering Degree in Building Energetics. Then I defended my Structural Engineering MSc diploma at BME Faculty of Civil Engineering, specialized in Building Construction and Reconstruction. After that, I was a Ph.D. student between 2014-2017 at BME Pál Vásárhelyi Doctoral School of Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences. Besides my Ph.D. studies and researches, I had the opportunity to attend a number of specific courses abroad in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden, and Switzerland. Between 2017-2019 I was a Ph.D. candidate and Research Fellow at the Department of Construction Materials and Technologies and Laboratory of Building Physics until 2019, when I defended my Ph.D. thesis entitled “Hygrothermal Behavior of Modern Masonry Building Constructions”. Since then, I work as an Assistant Professor and as the Quality Manager of the Material Testing Laboratory.

Nowadays, I’m doing my research at the Department of Construction Materials and Technologies (formerly Architectural Engineering) and in the Building Physics and Material Testing Labs, my major research interests are heat-, air-, moisture transfer measurements and numerical simulations of construction materials and building constructions, thermal insulation, reinforced concretes, natural-based materials, as well as energy performance and building energetics and the issues of passive solar energy. I also hold lectures and workshops and consultations.

Back in 2013 I founded my company named BPED Consluting Bt. (followed by Megtérülő Felújítás Kft. in 2014), whose main business are building physics and building energy measurements, simulations and consultancy, building construction and reconstruction diagnostic measurements and surveys, planning and project implementation. I am the development advisor of a Hungarian energy performance calculation and certification software called Auricon EnergetiC.

Name: Dr. Karel Struhala
Educational Qualification: Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant professor at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czechia
Department: Department of Building Structures

Research Interests: Building renovations, Life-Cycle Assessment, Natural construction materials, Sustainable development

Biography: I’m a former student and now lecturer and researcher at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. I have experience with building design (architectural, structural, energy), but care for the environment and human future lead me to my current field of work, which is Life-Cycle Assessment. In this field I focus on environmental assessment of building renovations and various construction materials. I’m also interested in building certifications such as SBToolCZ or BREEAM.