Final Conference in Olsztyn (Poland)

On November 23, 2021, the closing conference of the UNIFROS 2020 international project was held in Olsztyn, Poland (conference agenda).
The conference summarizing the project was attended by partners from 5 EU countries, students participating in the ISP cus in Liege and business representatives from Poland and abroad. In the conference debate took part representatives of: Wipasz S.A., Michelin Polska Sp. z o.o., Infalia P.C., CIITT UWM and WNE.

The speakers gave the following presentations:

Project Overview

Results from the research

Curriculum training

Intensive Study Programme


Link to recording of Final Conference in Poland panel “Looking for different perspective for soft skills”:

During the conference there was a question and answer session and a debate on “How will we contribute to the future increase impact of the employees soft skills developement?”. Link to recording of the debate with business representatives and authorities (Chairman of the debate – prof. George Ionescu, RAU):