No. 33(2)/2018


  • Response of Winter Wheat on Long-Term Monoculture in Diversified Conditions of Chemical Protection

    Autorzy: J. Adamiak, E. Adamiak, A. Stępień
  • Variability of Soil Properties in Conditions of the Sustainable Soil Utilization in Carpathian Region

    Autorzy: L. Bobuľská, L. Demková


  • Allelopathic Management of Some Noxious Weeds by the Aqueous Extracts of Parthenium Hysterophorus and Carthamus Oxyacantha

    Autorzy: S. Siyar, A. Majeed, Z. Muhammad, R. Ullah, S. Islam
    Plik: PDF icon 03-siyar.pdf
  • Erysiphe Flexuosa (Fungi, Erysiphales) – Life Strategies and Threats to Chestnut Trees Including Cameraria Ohridella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) Pest in the Urban Environment

    Autorzy: E. Sucharzewska, K. Kulesza, E. Ejdys, M. Dynowska, D. Kubiak, A. Biedunkiewicz

Food and Nutrition Sciences

  • Controversy over Dietary Sources of Calcium

    Autorzy: G. Cichosz , M. Aljewicz, M. Bielecka, W. Mozolewski
  • The Content of Biologically Active Substances and Antioxidant Activity in Coffee Depending on Brewing Method

    Autorzy: A. Merecz, A. Marusińska, B.T. Karwowski

Food and Nutritional Sciences

  • Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Algerian Honeys and Their Antibacterial Potency Against Three Strains of E. Coli

    Autorzy: S.M.A. Selles, Y. Bellik, M. Kouidri, B.T. Belhamiti, A. Ait Amrane, Si M. Hammoudi, L. Boukrâa

Environmental Protection

  • Evaluation and Comparison of IDW, RBF, GPI and Kriging Methods for Generating Spatial Distrubutions of Heavy Metals for Small Surface Areas

    Autorzy: R. Rozpondek, K. Rozpondek, M. Kacprzak
  • Pac Coagulants in Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment

    Autorzy: E. Wierzbicka, B. Pliszka, G. Huszcza-Ciołkowska

Veterinary Medicine

  • The Investigation of Different Patterns of In-Feed or In-Water Probiotics Administration Methods on Performance, Small Intestinal Morphology and SRBC-Reactive Immune Responses of Japanese Quail

    Autorzy: K. Seifi, M.A. Karimi-Torshizi, S. Rahimi
    Plik: PDF icon 10-seifi.pdf
  • Rectal Prolapse (Prolapsus Recti) in Swine – as a Still Open Problem

    Autorzy: W. Grudzień, J. Szarek, A. Dzikowski, I. Babińska, I. Sołtyszewski