No. 33(4)/2018

Animal Breeding and Husbandry

  • Maternal Weight Gain in Gilts and Changes in the Body Weight and Backfat Thickness of Sows Fed Diets Containing Naked Oats (Avena nuda)

    Authors: B. Szostak, A. Stasiak
  • Food Selectivity of European Beaver (Castor fiber L.) Occurring in the Area Lubaczów and Chotyłów Forest Districts

    Authors: K. Tajchman, P. Czyżowski, L. Drozd


  • The Risk Elements Biomonitoring in the Ambient Air of an Underground Parking Lot

    Authors: L. Demková, J. Árvay, L. Bobulská, J. Oboňa
  • Stimulation of Pathogenicity of Entomopathogenic Fungi with Water Treated with Low-Temperature, Low- -Pressure Glow Plasma of Low Frequency

    Authors: M. Jaworska, Z. Oszczęda, P. Tomasik

Food and Nutrition Sciences

  • The Influence on Nonthermal, Low-Pressure Plasma on Microbiological Contamination of Food

    Authors: A. Ligocka, K. Skowron, P. Rytl ewski, J. Bauza-Kaszewska
  • Changes in the Content of CLA and Other Trans Isomers in The Kormoran Cheese During Six Weeks of Ripening

    Authors: B. Paszczyk, J. Łuczyńska
  • The Fatty Acids Content in Popular Bars

    Authors: M. Wiercioch, S. Szeląg-Pieniek, K. Peszko, I. Baranowska-Bosiacka, D. Maciejewska, A. Łukomska, K. Dec, K. Janda, D. Chlubek, I. Gutowska


  • The Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of the Threatened Snakehead (Channa striata) from Sungai Batang River, Indonesia

    Authors: A. Ahmadi

Humans and Environment

  • Parallel Development of Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Tourism – Case Studies from Hungary

    Authors: I. Valánszki, E. Dancsokné Fóris, K.F. Kovács