No. 33(1)/2018

Animal Breeding and Husbandry

  • Methodological requirements for identifying lodges colonized by European beavers Castor fiber l. with the use of thermal imaging technology – preliminary results

    Authors: M. Januszewicz, W. Misiukiewicz, P. Janiszewski, J. Folborski
  • Sow longevity as an indicator of resistance to environmental stressors

    Authors: K. Karpiesiuk, A. Jarczyk, Z. Winiarski, W. Milewska, D. Bugnacka, W. Kozera, A . Woźniakowska, P. Kleśniak

Animal Breding and Husbandry

  • Effects of qualitative and quantitative feed restriction on carcass yield and pork quality

    Authors: C. Njoku, O . Adeyemi, K. Sanwo, B. Sanya, A Popoola, A . Aina
  • Selected morphometric parameters and mineral density of tibiotarsal bones in green--legged partridge cockerels and capons

    Authors: M. Zawacka, D. Murawska, A. Charuta, M. Gesek, T. Mieszczyński

Food and Nutrition Sciences

  • Nutrient composition of some selected traditional foods of Ijaw people of Bayelsa state

    Authors: B. Amadi, P. Dikhioye, E . Agomuo, P.U. Amadi, G. Denson
  • Composition of fatty acids in dark flour from spelt and common wheat grain grown organically in Poland

    Authors: K. Majewska, E. Dąbkowska, E. Grabowska, J. Tyburski, S . Czaplicki
  • Evaluation of technological quality in grain and flour of winter triticale (Triticosecale Wittm.) from controlled cultivation conditions

    Authors: K. Panasiewicz, W. Koziara, H. Sulewska
  • Cold storage, freezing and lyophilisation and its effect on transformations of phenolic compounds in lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.)

    Authors: B. Piłat, R. Zadernowski, S. Czaplick i, M. Jeż


  • The first data on the genetic diversity of river lamprey Lampetra Fluviatilis (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Vistula River and Vistula Lagoon in Poland

    Authors: D. Fopp-Bayat, M. Kucinski, R. Kujawa
  • Climate-related variability and stock – recruitment relationship of the North Pacific albacore tuna

    Authors: A.A. Singh, K. Sakuramoto, N. Suzuki, K. Alok

Environmental Protection

  • Changes in land use in the direct catchment of Lake Gąsawskie in the period of 1945–2011 in view of its ecological status

    Authors: K. Achtenberg, A.E. Ławniczak-Malińska

Humans and Environment

  • Analysis of tourist attractiveness of communes situated on the Krzna River

    Authors: K. Starczewski, A. Affek-Starczewska, K. Rymuza, A . Bombik

Veterinary Medicine

  • Effectiveness of control measures taken by the veterinary inspection in Poland

    Authors: M. Lisiowska, I. Sołtyszewski, J. Szarek, K. Wąsowicz, M.Z. Felsmann, K. Popławski