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The song decadence church XIX century marks the extreme limit this congenital defect before healthy reaction Motu proprio. We accept heavy chant, informs, sacred texts mutilated expressive means worthy best melodrama.

In Germany, where musical taste academic research writing service is less relaxed, merely adapt in Catholic churches, Lutheran musical tradition previous century. It is vain that Richard Wagner is trying to restore Dresden worship Palestrina's music, while Bruckner Austria wagnérise his masses in his motets. But it is in United States that the tests are more revealing liturgical composition excellent musicians, concert theater men, a Saint-Saëns, Gounod or César Franck, Esq ent for the Church of masses, motets, oratorios. dissertation consulting fees Loyally they try to catch their writing religious turn eliminating the theatrics, profane. That we judge the results stripping, they are impoverished, place sublimate their style, they need help with writing paper distort it so that their pseudo-liturgical works are less religious than their works of Christian inspiration for the concert. To appreciate this poverty is only listen Messe St. Cecilia Gounod Messe three unworthy author Franck voice Redemption, outdated light Christmas Oratorio Saint-Saëns. The heyday hymns, whose popularity does not mean vulgarity, seem to spring from a bad operetta. To measure deformation taste sanitation dissertation writing service reviews problems, simply consider vogue which still enjoys today too famous Christmas Midnight, Christians, who buy essay paper carried out the first name of the last male musicians.

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The Motu proprio advocated return to the Gregorian melodies in their restored purity e PRIMIT the works of Palestrina school. Work palaeographic Solesmes honor handed some, while many scholae, fueled by refunds musicologists, tried, not without difficulty, disseminate other. The wonderful discovery masterpieces the Franco-Flemish School came again used because of greater purity style in liturgical polyphony. If blessed pontiff had known pieces like Descend in hortum Févin, Ave Maria Jehan Mouton, Misericordias Domini Josquin, no doubt he would have proposed them as models. THE OWNER AND COMPOSERS MOTU This chant the old renaissance polyphony, the primacy given to past works in hierarchy liturgical compositions, let not ask for composers our time attitude problem that has already sparked What right has me Esq recently one of them, a pen dipped in vinegar does one requires faithful XX century, an antiquated musical expression, an artistic form of another age, to bring in sung prayer, their mystical aspirations? Past centuries, even those being proposed as examples, are not on teaching rich men? Gregorian chant was not it modern XP century countless Masses written by polyphonists sixteenth century they not testify for a contemporary liturgical music? Our century he would be disinherited developed to provide appropriate liturgical art aspirations this diatribe reflects quite prevalent mindset in musical circles. Not that problem has always been with this intransigence rigor! Any question form aside, remains that, today, some church musicians, worthy of the name, animated orthodox Christian mysticism eager to embellish cult in with new hire freelance writers inputs musical art, solicit, on point legitimate clarification.

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Recognize First, any artistic loyalty, that the use of Gregorian chant ancient polyphony not be regarded as a regression.

If these forms of musical art have acquired right city in black liturgy developed form our basic religious music is under this age-old settlement which is causing all classicism.

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Liturgical music that has its classical repertoire, what more natural? But not only this beauty by time devoted to these works that assigns first place is that their ultimate structure reveals how the two other qualities required by their liturgical function holiness one ersalité.

Is suggestive in this regard that judgment was Jules Lemaitre out of a funeral service at the Madeleine church. our feelings were serious that we thesis editing would have gladly spent the whole modern music, reality, profane, that clergy have lavished us, thinking to do well this music really sounded too much like the one we hear in the theater concerts. And further adds Moreover, I never understand that clergy, with beautiful Gregorian chant treasure is bad taste to admit others in its churches. The author these severe lines was not suspicious of clericalism to decide choice, was enough probably to be human taste. is permissible to think that music played during the Requiem Mass justified this intransigence.