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At been attached, as assistant engineer of Roads Bridges, December Ostend harbor service and collaborated on various projects related to the work to be performed in long coast port, A secondment Ministry of Interior Public Instruction, May to to teachers of the special schools attached to the A ersity Ghent was appointed tutor at the Engineering School c May in that capacity was responsible for preparatory Engineering Schools of Arts Manufactures c to the normal School of science, rehearsals elementary web content writers mechanics courses, industrial mechanical elements of machines and drawing machines to special organs Engineering Schools of Arts Manufactures c, steam engines machinery during rehearsals later description of the machinery parts, applications over the machines, mechanic builder technology, technology of elementary occupations, how to write my paper and management of projects relating to these exercises during the class was named engineer of Roads Bridges, was named class engineer ChausséeSf Ponts been provisionally charged over steam engines at the industrial School Ghent July.

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Appointed professor defines ement course, A was tasked to do, special schools c Engineering and Arts Manufactures, during part of the elementary technology professions October.

Was appointed to the general mechanics course, steam engines boilers at the Institute was named the engineer class Roads Bridges, A loaded, make over industrial buildings at the Higher Institute brewery in Ghent.

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Gave, professor at the School A resignation loaded, October to special preparatory schools c Engineering Manufactures Arts during the elementary mechanics, industrial mechanics, industrial construction technology of textile materials, with full professor rank the same time, was unloaded on demand management machines projects to be executed by the students of higher isions special schools.

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In particular, a professor at the Institute A resignation was discharged on request in October T towards drawing exercises organ machines Preparatory School of Arts Manufactures and repetitions, exercises projects related to the ongoing description of machinery parts application machines to special buy research paper urgently schools c Engineering Manufactures Arts.

Was appointed chief engineer of the Highways class T in December. Was appointed chief engineer of the Highways class December. TO was appointed chief engineer, director class Roads Bridges, December Was discharged on request February technology courses elementary occupations part and exercises related to elementary mechanics courses, industrial mechanical parts, textiles, industrial construction materials technology.

Was promoted to chief engineer grade, class director Roadways Bridges December. Honours Knight was named the Order Leopold December. Got medal commémorat e reign Received Medal c ic the class in December.

Was promoted to officer online research paper writers rank the Order Leopold Elementary course steam engines.

steam Œiudiéres.

Course given the same Institute.

Ghent autogr. De Meester industrial constructions. Course given the same Institute. Ghent autogr. Report contest between chaulTagQ equipment for greenhouses. Ghent, imp. help finishing thesis A ofe.sur exploitation of stone materials. Bulletin Association of Schools of Engineers released cheap dissertation help Ghent. August planks. Colleboration technical Bul'ctin the Association of drivers they c. MacLeod, Jules, born in Ostend, T February.