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Fagnart is still the author of a note entitled Draft lottery loan. Calculation to be done to establish a plan for lottery loan knowing annuity, published in Bulletin Association of Belgian Actuaries, n, September pages, d ers reviews published in journal Review of Mathesis Claeys, Arthur Edward, born Doel Flanders, December, made four phd dissertation proposal Greek and Latin classes at Collège St Vincent Eecloo two science classes at St.

Lievin College in Ghent.

attended a ersity of Ghent won, September with great distinction c engineering degree there. He later October passed with great distinction last examination doctor mathematical physics.

The dates of the royal decrees relating to his duties in October.

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Appointed extraordinary professor at Faculty of charge during insurance finances mathematical applications exercises Special School of Business annexed to Law Faculty.

The notes he has published are relat es geometry geometry project descript e e are inserted into Mathesis, years in the Annals of the Association of Engineers out of the plane tangent to Schools Construction left a ruled surface. Mathesis.

Sui technical writing services inflection points we meet stereotomy. On drawdown plans in perspect. essay writing help On way past left. Annals of the Association of Injé.nieurs out on I conoïde oblique circumscribed sphere. Mathesis. IJIO. On rhélicoïde left to plan. Collard, Jean-Oscar, paraphrasing activities born in Verviers, June Medium Studies Latin humanities. Athénées Verviers A popular ersities Ghent, Liege. Diplomas associate professor of higher secondary education degree for physical mathematical sciences Normal School of Science, PhD in mathematical physics, CEB engineer T c electrician School of Mines Montefiore Electrical Institute.