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Similarly, Clifford Lee Brownell Patricia Hagman, before treating physical education goals, give us a penetrating analysis of water n ers goals of general education, while putting evidence that education should not be considered a end itself, but, contrary, as a means of serving human personality.

Further more, complete design becomes clear that physical education presupposes complete conception of man, the dissertation general education of life.

The problem man! that is the focal point all educational problems our age we have a partial amount pedagogies, opposite one another but, unfortunately, so far, we have not integral education, because our science teaching based on fragmentary concepts, mutilated, monoculars, man, origin, destiny kind. Our atomic age is life sciences victim delay on those matters. Only a much deeper knowledge of ourselves can bring remedy for evil.

In truth, since the natural conditions of existence were suppressed by c ilisation modern science man has become more necessary all the sciences. It was a real human being ISection v The human patient was ised to small areas. Each region has its specialist. When celurci devotes, from early career, a tiny best essay websites part body remains still so ignorant that he is not able to know well this part. A similar phenomenon best websites to buy research papers occurs among educators, priests, economists sociologists who neglected to learn general knowledge of man, before limiting their particular field.

Dissertations writing services

The same eminence of a specialist makes it essay on old custom more dangerous.

We have forgotten that human Fêtre is no any disease remains strictly confined to one organ. It is the old anatomical design being v ant that led doctors to each disease a specialty. Only those who know the man in both its parts as a whole, under its triple anatomical aspect, mental physiological, can understand when Since Renaissance, began crisis Western consciousness that can be characterized as a gradual march towards material.

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Simultaneously with the sliding coarser triumph technology to materialism alleged research, based on analysis ly excluded, the accumulation of facts, statistics, has become the idol scientific progress, while the creative spirit synthesis integration disappear completely the horizon our atomic age, as the last vestiges Dark ages the Dark ages! Scholastic dry. analysis we forget that, firstly, synthesis, on the other hand, presuppose, complement, support each other are close interdependence synthesis without analysis is comparable to be lame, p re meaning the immediate and partial, then that analysis without synthesis is like being blind, vision direction p re mediate all, at all.

Therefore, analysis synthesis do ent coexist help each other to lead us and to complete knowledge Associate analysis synthesis, promote real progress science, turning their eyes towards concrete part, the visible and to the abstract, generally, a Ersel, the invisible. Dissociate the analysis summary is to destroy the foundation, cut the real roots scientific knowledge genuine human progress, widening chasm between the abstract concrete, General particular, singular one coursework moderation Ersel, spiritual body, because the effect, the invisible visible, created. custom written dissertations Read John MacPartland, The March Toward Matter, New York, Philosophical Library. and the uncreated. Without the spirit synthesis, not real science of man, not full knowledge ourselves! Humanity must now focus its attention on itself on its intellectual causes moral incapacity. These are not the mechanical sciences, physical chemical that will bring us morality, intelligence, health, nervous équilihre, security peace. We need our curiosity takes a different route than that where it is committed today. It must direct physiological physical to spiritual mind. So far, the science dealing with human beings have limited their act ity to certain aspects about them.