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They have not managed to escape the influence Cartesian dualism.

Dissertation writing jobs

buy custom papers online They were dominated by mechanism.

college essay writing help for high school students admissions essay help In physiology, hygiene, medicine, as well as in teaching social studies political economy, the attention of researchers was attracted mainly by the organic aspect, intellectual humoral man.

It has not stopped to form an affect morality, inner life, his character, his religious aesthetic needs, common psychological substratum organic phenomena, deep relationships ind Idu spiritual mental environment. So radical change of direction is essential. This demand change, times, specialists devoted to particular sciences that are shared our bodies and our minds, scientists can gather in overviews discoveries best college essay writing services specialists. The new science is to progress, by double effort of synthesis analysis, to design a Fhomme at times quite simple complete enough to serve as a basis for our action. Therefore D Alexis Carrel defends need for complete synthesis of science hoinme education. Of course, specialists are needed.

Science can not progress without them. But the application to humans, their efforts result thesis proposal writing service request prior synthesis of scattered data analysis.

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The syntheses we need to progress knowledge of ourselves do ent will develop in single brain. Today, the data accumulated by the specialists remain unusable. Because no coordinates notions acquired only considers the human being as a whole. We have many scientists, but few true scholars. The broad thinkers are rarer than precise narrow minds. An original work without importance is considered to have a higher value than a thorough knowledge science.

The presidents of ersities their advisors not understand that synthetic minds are dissertation outline as indispensable as analytical minds. If superiority was recognized intellectual type favored its development, experts cease to be dangerous. As meaning the parties in the whole building could be precisely this reason the leading educationalists, as Nicholas Murray Butler, the former president ersity A Columbia, Edward A. Fitzpatrick, illustrates spokesman Catholic education in the United States, William Bagley Bernard Iddings Bell, raised voice against educational determinism, caused by statistical research e dictatorship excluded alleged progressive spirit in education. Today, said education, health, religion, construction of cities, the political, economic social society are entrusted to people who know only aspect Psychology our atomic age science has become the soul of man concept without the soul of man. Because we applied to the acquisition fragmentary concepts. Our analysis was first broken continuity of human social cosmic environment. Then she separated the soul body.