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These three issues will recommend themselves to the attention of educators responsible preparation for first confession, first communion to confirmation.

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Paul Galtier, S.J.

From poenitentia.

Tractatus dogmatico-historicus. Editio nova.

Romae, Apud IEDES Bridge. A ersitatis online essay editing service Gregorianae.

vir Paul Galtier, S.J. The Origins Sacrament Penance. Romae Apud.flSdes Bridge. A.

Greg.. xr Analecta Gregoriana, L, Series Facultatis Theologicae, help to write essay Sectio A. Among contemporary historians Christian literature PRIMIT e, P. Galtier is one of the most deserving.

On the thorny issue penance is master listened sure since he renewed the field studies, no custom made term papers longer allowed him to write that little school manifest their interest. German historians have scrutinized this obscure question, the United States knew I Learned research. Vacandard, Tixeront of A.

ISTA Galtier of the works that will add time by their own value by the interest they generate. The treatise poenitentia the books entitled Sin and Penance The Church Remission best resume writing services for teachers magic essay writer of Sins to the first centuries lai had acquired an enviable authority, especially in matters theological posit Republication From poenitentia reviewed completed, especially dissertation titles on special educational needs publishing the book The Origins Sacrament Penance honor their author binder ement defines its name to question delicate of all, the sacrament of penance. Theologians do ent consult these works to their advantage, as does Emmanuel Doronzo, o.m.i. in his great dogmatic treatise De poenitentia Galtier is already known his work on the origins of the sacrament of penance is, otherwise, quite new. The author tries to discover starting point this institution which later appoint sacrament of penance, search the first traces before Christ, especially among the Jews, then continues its investigation in the proposal for thesis New Testament writings of the early help making a thesis statement Fathers to the outskirts third century. Careful analysis applied to each source, care taken to see the practical evolution penitential even long discussion on the date the Didascalia of the Apostles give new book great value of importance that critics have already noted several times. P.

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