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As a physical being, man is completely immersed in nature, in a visible ers in regard to satisfy the biological, is obliged to organize economic, industrial. As intellectual being, animated by ideas the highest ideals, the man tends to exceed nature rough material, informs and achieve immortal works in music, painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, literature, science in short, philosophical speculation, man becomes the agent the relationship between nature culture is relationship material forms, between determinable determinant. It is through culture that man begins his triumph, bright victory.

As a moral being, man tends to realize buy research thesis not only in nature in its ideal ego, but also enlightened society, led by conscience, learns not only to win, but to win, to give up, to overcome, to sacrifice, to serve others is good provider, happiness grubber evil, selfishness, soufUnited States n water social, collect e, community, public, c ic. Thus man emerges in history a erselle as transformer, not only kind molder, sormême but also society, earthly city. In short, as emerges before our eyes. As being religious, spiritual, created in the image triune God deeply rooted in eternity, man tends not only to achieve essay help writing custom coursework writing service in nature, culture, society, but also to exceed them, to transcend, to become not only ternary trine but also to fit in, to approach the Absolute, God is supreme end Yassimilari Deo St. Thomas Aquinas. His supreme tend to this supreme end, is religion. Man, by its summit is to be religious. It is by its animality sensitivity that man is independent and that its need help writing a thesis Idu be immersed in material living area, economic, industrial is his intelligence that man is a person that's being immersed in region Culture it is by his act ity, by conduct, by its social moral integrity help writing an argumentative essay that man shape, mold his character that his being immersed in region c ilisation is by integrating sensitivity, Gonzaga See Reynold, Europe tragic, Boston, Spes, culture is the man that is c ilisation company.

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Or, you will, man produces Culture ilisation company produces c.

Who says man cult é, said conscious man who says c ilisation says this personal consciousness has become collect e, social. Gonzaga stresses that Reynold c ilisation word is from the Latin words for r e c e, c itas citizen city.

rationality of the act ity that help for english essays man becomes personality that his being immersed in region religion, it becomes ternary time, it restores lurmême creation in the image God, disfigured by original sin.

The relationship between nature, culture is c ilisation relationship between thesis, antithesis synthesis between material, form practical action among potential, the current become the change therefore c ilisation presupposes, involves the two previous elements it means industrialization technology and the humanization, personalization democratization social life. The relationship between nature, culture, religion is c ilisation relationship between material, form, action finality between potential, the current, become the be between thesis, antithesis, synthesis Supreme partial synthesis, vital synthesis, the fullness c ilisation without culture is blind, it is action without thought, without driving principle c ilisation without nature, without the material support is powerless, lack potentiality c ilisation without religion is dead he misses life dissertation examples principle of existence. It must perish.

Religion without nature, culture and c ilisation is end without need help writing essays the means. Just as custom law essay it is through religion that man can overcome the fragile inner life realize its unity be multiple, and it is through religion that man can overcome external life fragility achieve unity the middle multiple. No religion, no God, no unity, no life, not to be! Everything breaks down, disintegrates, dissolves inevitably sliding towards nothingness inevitably approach debacle shipwreck. Gonzaga Reynold. Redemption she respecter Gonzaga Reynold, As, during the whole modern era, thought the action have hardly stretched to divert man c ilisation God, here it is inevitable happened suppressing religion, c ' is to say link that connected to God men things, we cut all other ties that bound men together, things between them, each man to real item. This man is not, in turn, a broken puppet, the scattered members lost his inner unity, while around him a world reduced to phenomena phantasmagoria without principle of unity. We no longer even a clear idea of ​​the relations man ilisation c.