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It must encourage, inspire, guide them, even help in possible, to selection distribution of works which, by their spiritual depth may be outside the sanctuary, as true instruments of apostolate. The time is not far when Maurras, Anatole United States accused Christianity of having dried up source by wonderful beauty substitution pagan wonderful Christian. This painful objections vanished like snow before the sun works such as Jeanne d'A Bonfire.

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A meteoric sober Honegger this profusion wealth in field music of religious inspiration meets, must admit, a real poverty in liturgical production.

The primacy of Gregorian chant to classical polyphony, is not only cause this shortage. We have already explained on the point. The Motu proprio shows remedies whose effectiveness not always happen in applications.

This defines e recruit composers among the very people who are dedicated to liturgical functions.

The Motu proprio therefore emphasizes musical training of future priests in small large seminars on foundation top essay writing websites of scholae cantorum article is significant that we s'dngénie support by promoting the best websites to buy research papers ways superior sacred music schools across where dissertation proposal template they already exist to establish them where they do not exist.

is very important that the Church itself will provide for his chapel masters, organists choristers are educated according to the principles once more reaffirmed indirectly found out great principle that the Church is not real salvation for liturgical composition. And therefore appropriate to insist before AND THE COMPOSERS Motu Proprio on any need for future composers safe technique. We often forget that sacred music is the music first. If the profession musicians rarely take serious music lovers clerics, it is because these works often show an almost total ignorance of the basic rules of writing style.

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Too often, alas! among the young clergy, witnessing senseless waste real musical gifts is that ransom too easy? Is it not rather illogic by those who demand maximum technical study in the Latin, Greek, theology, that would make us believe that it is enough of a taste minimum knowledge to improvise master composer chapel. It is strange paradox truth against which the sages live're Motu proprio should protect ourselves.

Called in the small large seminars, really competent teachers who can train taste all give gifted subjects ability to speak correctly.

We mentioned, beginning this study, functional music other music genre film.

Think of the technical capabilities required by such productions. Would not it be sacrilege to handle praise writing homework help online of essay paper writers ine with less serious than a human RNING d? For all those who work to pray the Christian people on beauty, education Motu Proprio remains the golden rule. Fiftieth anniversary celebration may make us feel on the point of self-criticism benefits. Doctor of the letters A ersity Boston, director of Singers St. Eustache. Those v ent not land United States who like us, have in recent years especially, much difficulty understanding our reactions. Therefore am very grateful to our Canadian friends ide giving me the opportunity to expose their situation in our area whose importance is crucial, whether one examines it in its liturgical role, whether we simply consider in chapter general culture. Religious music is not a plaything, paragraph optional approval art is the expression of praise ine, it has higher more complete.