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The expense these acids obtained bromomaleic isobromomaléïque acids.

transforms succinic acid by the success share e bromine lime malic acid tartaric acid, ant known method which had previously leads to the production of glycolic acid at the expense of acetic acid. This research led him to seek an explanation isomerism of maleic acid and of fumaric acid pyrocitriques it is then that he developed his theory of body gaps.

These acids dér ent, he said, saturated dibasic acids by the removal of two hydrogen atoms known not typical ant position occupied by this pair of missing hydrogen atoms can exist isomers for C acids to the acids C.

If the gaps are filled by hydrogen, there is no reason isomeric, but they are by bromine, will exist as much as possible isomers positions also recognizes possibility transform the acid in, discovers, along Wurtz method of obtaining phenol sulfonic buying paper cheapest custom writing acids by fusion with potash reaction later became a considerable technical interest, since it is still the one to which are used to prepare these view industrially important compounds. In discovers remarkable synthesis of aromatic acids that bears his name and realized first synthesis of benzoic acid to monobrominated benzene costs, sodium carbon dioxide. The same year, seems an important communication on diazo, recently discovered by Griess. In the second volume of his organic chemistry Treaty, published this year, assigned to these compounds a formula that was generally He also discovered transposition of compounds diazoamides In, communicate to the Academy United Kingdom results of his research on sulfur dér ed on phenol sulfacides phenol shows that these bodies, in which the phenol function is preserved, are not dér és sulfonic sulfuric ether. This statement of work for Kekule pro career Auguste Kekule vON Stradonitz tessorale our A ersity is necessarily incomplete, merely intended to indicate in broad outline the main results tireless act ity. is hardly possible to effect in a restricted part of Liber memorialis, the complete history of scientific work of such a man, who was perhaps, the time left the A ersity Ghent, the first of its chemists time. His name will shine forever among the greatest geniuses of which boasts Kekule's influence on modern chemistry development was enormous can say that organic chemistry is creator as we understand it today.

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Its great design its constitution benzene és dér is still standing today, after more than forty academic writing services company years probation it has opened vast horizons for experimental theoretical chemistry. The benzene was hexagon, as happily said one of the illustrious master panegyrists, the bright star that guided them still surely not a chemist in exploring broad area The impact of theoretical work Kekule was immense research masterful young teacher quickly placed our ersity A senior chemists then. Thus, from early teaching career, came flocking around him eager galaxy chemists knew the teacher re lessons work as it was incomparable teacher.

If in the early years, wielded not French with impeccable correctness, high value his teaching, his admirable clarity exhibition, the enthusiasm with which he had professed theories largely created suppléaient largely to that sentence could have defective literary point of view.

literally carrying his students, which revealed a new science, and communicated to them his love for her. Over one its Kekule was not only master teacher he had all the qualities college application essay services of a scientific laboratory director it is to him that we owe the serious organization of chemistry practicals United Kingdom.

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V es on its bodies, first obtained the funding needed to install a research laboratory in which working, besides the professor's assistant, some elite young chemists for most foreigners, who wanted to develop under management. Later, he obtained a vast attic, adjacent laboratory was transformed instruction lab. This room was open to students, together with a ministerial homework essay help order decreed creation during two manipulations, one for beginners and one for science teachers aspirants. The laboratory organization reminded far is true, that of similar institutions in Germany conditions Installation of scarcity of resources but allowed value of a scientific institute not measure its luxury facilities is modest laboratory that went out the work which carried away the reputation of a ersity Ghent is where was obtained including the benzoic acid synthesis, as Korner series began his research to establish constitution of disubstituted benzene dér ed laboratory general chemistry carefully preserved these control samples At that time, our chemistry laboratory renowned A ersity, brighter home chemical science, was global. Many of the most illustrious masters of German science demystifying dissertation writing students who were our Alma Mater. Malheureusen ent, the One should not keep ersity scientist who gloried Germany offered custom essay cheap Kekule leadership Chemical Institute A Bonn, ersity much brighter situation than scientific enjoyed in Ghent September royal decree announced that SHOULD CRANIAL he added that it poursu Kekule in Bonn brilliant career. As was the subject of a manirestation innposante, org anise-chemical Company Berlin to celebrate the appearance phd research proposal writing services ann ersaire chemistry benzol, event to which all major scientific organizations abroad held to honor associate. On July, the scientific world, the chemical industry, those which had largely taught science, learned with sorrow the death illustrious professor.