Rules of participation

Conference Regulations 

51. MSKN 2022 –

International Seminar of Scientific Circles in Olsztyn 

“Seminar of innovative solutions in the era of a pandemic” 

on 15-16 September 2022 



  1. General provisions 

1.1. The organizer of the LI International Seminar of Scientific Circles in Olsztyn, hereinafter referred to as the  Conference, is the Student Scientific Circle of Political Systems CASUS operating at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and the Student Television Circle “ZOOM” from the Faculty of Humanities of the UWM. 

1.2. The Conference takes place  between 15 and 16September 2022 and has the character of an international conference.  Given the dynamic development of the epidemiological situation, we would like to inform you that this year’s edition will take place entirely remotely via the MS Teams online platform. 

1.3. The provisions of these Regulations are an integral part of the application for participation in the Conference and apply to all its Participants. 

1.4.  As part of the Conference,  thematic sections will be held, which can be divided into panels. 

1.5. Scientific papers will be presented in the following thematic sections: 

  • Biological Sciences 
  • Economics 
  • Humanities 
  • Mathematical and informatics sciences 
  • Medical Sciences 
  • Political and legal sciences 
  • Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Sciences 
  • Social Sciences and Pedagogy 
  • Technical Sciences 
  • Theological sciences 
  • Veterinary Sciences 
  • Health Sciences 
  • Zootechnical sciences and fisheries 
  • Food Sciences 

1.51.  The speaker chooses one of the above-mentioned sections and declares his willingness to appear in a Polish-language or English-speaking panel. 

1.6. The Organizer reserves the right to resign from the organization  of the Section in the event of too few  applications. Participants of the liquidated section will be moved to related sections. 

1.7. During the Conference, as part of the Section, there will be lecture sessions and poster sections – with poster sessions including posters in digital version (file saved in the basic extension – jpg, pdf, ppt, pptx). 

1.8. Papers/posters and articles may be presented in Polish and English. 


        2. Registrations 

2.1.  The condition for participation in the Conference is the correct completion and return of the application formby 29 April 2022 and consent to the processing of personal data for  the purposes necessary to conduct the Conference. The application form is available on the website ( 

NOTE the requirement to accept a participant’s application is: 

  • placing a pdf file confirming the payment of the conference fee (point 3.1 of these Regulations) 
  • posting a PDF file with the opinion of the supervisor of the Scientific Circle (point 4 of these regulations – Annex 2.) 
  • registration of participation only through university e-mail addresses with the domain of the represented university, otherwise the application will not be accepted. 

2.2.  Active or passive participation in the Conference is allowed. An active participant  is a person presenting a paper or poster during one of the Sections held during the Conference. 

2.3.  Speakers and authors of works presented within  the Section may only be students (first, second and third degree studies and long-cycle master’s studies who do not have academic degrees: phD or dr hab.) from universities in Poland and abroad. 

2.4. Detailed information on the further conduct of the participant will be provided by the Organizer in an official e-mail after verification of the submitted application within 5 working days from the date of registration of the submitted form. 

Note if you do not receive a return e-mail to a properly made application, after the time indicated by the Organizer, please contact us at the Organizer’s e-mail address for verification ( ) 


        3. Participation fee 

3.1. The Participant is obliged to submit by 29 April 2022.  conference fee along with registration of your participation to the bank account provided in the “Fees” tab. 

3.2. The fee for active or passive participation in the Conference is PLN 270 for participants from outside the UWM. The fee for PhD students, UWM students is PLN 120.  The fee is paid by all conference participants – active or passive. 

3.3. As part of the conference fee, the organizer ensures participation in the proceedings of a given Section, evaluation of the performance by the Competition Committee, prizes for the winners of the Section or panel, publication of the article in reviewed post-conference materials, coffee breaks. The program will be published in announcements on the official website of the organizer ( 

3.4. Failure to confirm and settle the amount due for participation in the Conference on the date and form provided by the Organizer entitles the Organizer to cancel the participation application, without incurring any liability for damages. 

3.5.  In the event of resignation from participation, the Organizer does not refund the conference fee. 


       4. Preparation of the summary 

4.1. The active participant is obliged to submit the abstract of the work by May 20, 2022 to the e-mail address provided in the reply confirming the participation application. 

A model summary is given in Annex 1.  to these Terms and Conditions. 

4.2. The Participant, together with the abstract of the work, sends a review prepared by the Supervisor of the Scientific Circle in the form of a PDF file, which should be placed in the application form. The review template is attached as Appendix 2.  of these Terms and Conditions. 

4.3. The abstract sent to the Organizer may have one, two or three authors with the appropriate specification of the first author, the second author, the third author according to the template in Annex 1. 

4.4.  The abstract should be written in an editor compatible with the Version of Microsoft Office word 2010 in Times New Roman font 12 pt. without bold, underscores, italics and bullets, single line spacing. 

4.5.  In addition to the content, the abstract should contain a heading in which the following are included: the full name of the Scientific Circle, the degree / scientific title and the name and surname of the supervisor of the Scientific Circle, the name of the University and the faculty at which the Scientific Circle operates, the title of the work, the names and surnames of the authors  , specifying respectively the first author, the second author, the third author. The summary with the heading shall cover no more than one A4 page (margins of 2,5 cm). 


       5. Preparation of articles 

5.1. The participant is obliged to send the work to be published in accordance with the instructions sent back in the e-mail confirming the acceptance and registration of the application by June 3, 2022. 

5.2. Together with the work, the participant sends a review prepared by the Supervisor of the Scientific Society. The template for the review is provided in Annex 2A. to these Regulations. 

5.21. Final versions of articles, after corrections made by reviewers, can be submitted by 15 July. The July 15 deadline is the deadline. The organizer reserves that it cannot be moved. 

5.3.  Together with the article and the review of the Supervisor, the author of the work sends a statement of consent to the free use of the submitted work by the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in order to distribute them in printed and electronic versions. A model declaration is attached as Annex 3.  to these Terms and Conditions. 

5.4. A scientific article sent to the Organizer may have one, two or three authors. 

5.5.  The co-author of the work cannot be the Supervisor of the Scientific Circle or a person with a degree or scientific title (dr/dr hab., professor). 

5.6.  The text of the article should be prepared according to the following manner: MS Word, Times New Roman font, justified, main body: font size 12, 1.5 spacing, footnotes: font size 10, 1.0 spacing, numbered consecutively, for Polish citations see the Polish version. The text should not contain: double spaces, hard spaces, double indentation, soft enters . The volume should not exceed: 40,000 characters for scientific articles. 

The article structure: 

  • Author’s name, affiliation, address data, optionally- ORCID number 
  •  Title of article in target language of publication. 
  • Main text of the article. 
  • Bibliography. In the case of bibliography containing Cyrillic symbols, their transliteration should be done according to ISO 9 standard, as well as translation of the title into English [in square brackets]. It is possible to provide only a translation of the title into English, provided that the author gives the original language of the cited publication in square brackets, e.g. [in Russian]. 
  • Title of the article in English/Polish 
  • Keywords in English/Polish 
  • Articles should be accompanied by a short (up to 200 words) abstract in Polish and English (the abstract in Polish only in the case of foreign-language articles), keywords – in Polish and English (4-6). (Elements: Introduction – Purpose of the article – Conclusions). 
  • Footnotes in the text should be numbered consecutively throughout the article and placed at the bottom of the page. The description of the item cited should include: author, title (in the case of collective work, title, year and journal number), publishing house, place of publishing, year of publishing, pages.  
  • Examples of citations: monograph: e.g. L. Garlicki, Polskie Prawo Konstytucyjne. Zarys wykładu, Wolters Kluwer Polska, Warsaw 2021, pp. 115; articles in magazines e.g.: E. Żywucka- Kozłowska, R. Włodarczyk, Czynności operacyjno- rozpoznawcze Policji a prawa człowieka,,, Kortowski Przegląd Prawniczy’’, 2016, No 3, pp. 71-75; chapters in monographs: e.g. M. Duda, Zjawisko „forest crime” z perspektywy ekokryminologii, [w:] R. Górecki (red.), Człowiek a środowisko, Wydawnictwo UWM, Olsztyn 2020, pp. 127-146 ; citation from internet sources: e.g.: Słownikowa definicja ustawy, [access: 10.03.2021]. 


5.7.  Each article is subject to preliminary assessment by the Technical Editor and if it complies with the technical requirements, it is submitted for a substantive review by a researcher of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.  After obtaining the review, the Author sends the corrected work, together with the response to the review, in which the Reviewer’s comments are addressed point by point. Only after this stage, the work is accepted for printing or rejected.  It is unacceptable for the Author to introduce substantive changes at the stage of corrections. 

5.8.  The Technical Editor has the right to: determine the order of articles, introduce internal division, e.g. parts, chapters, etc., unify articles in terms of internal title of articles, bibliographic record, edit the preface. 

5.9. The organizer reserves the right to check the submitted articles using the anti-plagiarism system. 

5.10.  Materials submitted for publication are not returned. 


       6.  Conference Events 

6.1. The Participant, who is the author or co-author, may present only one paper or poster. 

6.2.  If the paper or poster has more than one author, the other authors participating in the Conference (passive or active participation) must also pay the conference fee. 

6.3. The paper should consist in an interesting and factual presentation of the topic in the  form of a multimedia presentation prepared in PowerPoint or a related program.  The deadline for submitting presentations is 9 September 2022. 

6.4. The presented work should maintain the layout typical of scientific publications in a given field (introduction and purpose  of the work, documentation and methods, results and discussion, summary, literature). The presentation time of the paper may not exceed 10 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion. 

6.5. Presentations may be given by up to two authors of a given work. 

6.6. The Organizer has the right to refuse to admit a paper if it does not meet the formal requirements set by the Organizers. 

6.7. The Organizer is not responsible for the substantive content of the Participants’ papers. 


       7. Poster presentation 

7.1. The Organizer, in connection with the organization of the conference in a remote form, allows the participant to display and present the prepared poster by making it available using the MS Teams platform. 

7.2.  The posters will be displayed by the participants during their speech in a way visible to the audience of the International Seminar of Scientific Circles. Detailed requirements for posters are set out in Annex 5.  to these Terms and Conditions. 

7.3. The poster presented during the conference may have one, two or three authors. 

7.4. Due to the remote form of presentation, the poster should be saved in basic extensions enabling presentation by the MS Teams platform. 

7.5.  The Organizer is not responsible for the substantive content of the Participants’ posters. 


       8. Evaluation of the presented works 

8.1. The presented papers and posters are evaluated by the Competition Committees, which are appointed by the Organizer separately for each with Thematic Section. 

8.2.  The Competition Committee consists of a number of employees of the University of Warmińska-Mazurskie with a degree/academic title: dr, dr hab., professor. 

8.3. Members of the Competition Committee shall elect the Chairman from among themselves. 

8.4. Documentation from the course of the Competition Committee’s work is signed by all members of the Competition Committee. 

8.5. The criteria for the evaluation of the paper and the poster are set out in Annex 6.  Rules. 

8.6.  In each Thematic Section, the winner of the poster section and  the paper section is selected. In the case of dividing  the thematic Selection into panels, the winner is selected in each of the panels. 

8.7. The Participant will receive a certificate of participation in the Conference (certificates of active participation are issued only to persons present at the LI MSKN meeting  in Olsztyn, after presenting their paper/poster). 


      9. Protection of personal data 

9.1. The administrator of personal data is the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, with its registered office at Oczapowskiego 2, 10-719 Olsztyn, the data will not be made available to external entities except in cases provided for by law. 

9.2. The Organizer will collect the following personal data: name and surname of the Participant, e-mail address of the Participant and data needed for possible invoicing. The personal data provided by you (name and surname) and the name of the represented University will be made public in the Conference program. 

9.3.  In matters of personal data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer appointed at the UWM in Olsztyn. Contact is possible via the contact form on the website: personal / form and e-mail:; tel.: 89-523-36-78 or in writing to the following address: Prawocheńskiego 9, room 109, 10-719 Olsztyn. 

9.4. Participants’ personal data will be processed by the Organizer on the basis of art. 6 par. 1 lit. a) GDPR in order to conduct the Conference and announce the results in connection with the implementation of the provisions of the Regulations, and in particular for the purpose of communication with Participants and statistical purposes. 

9.5. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, if the Participant refuses to provide data or refuses to consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Conference, the application will not be recognized. 

9.6. Participants’ data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes. 

9.7. The Participant has the right to access the content of his personal data, to rectify personal data, to delete personal data, to limit the processing of personal data, to object, to withdraw consent at any time() to the processing of personal data. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. 


10. Final provisions 

10.1. The official website of the Conference can be found at: 

10.2. The official e-mail address of the Conference is: 

10.3. The Conference has a Facebook page: 

10.31.  The Facebook page of the scientific club of Political Systems CASUS can be found at: (1) Student Scientific Circle of Political Systems CASUS | Facebook 

10.4. Sending a registration application posted on the Conference website means acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations, as well as compliance with the order regulations and any other arrangements made between the Participant and the Organizer. 

10.5.  Sending a registration application posted on the Conference website means consent to the dissemination of the image (photos taken during the Conference). 

10.6.  Participants bear full financial responsibility for the damage caused by them both on the premises  where any activities related to the Conference are carried out, as well as in accommodation. 

10.7.  The conference is non-commercial, and all revenue from conference fees is allocated to cover the direct costs of its organization. 

10.8.  Invoices for persons paying the fee for participation in the Conference will be issued exclusively at the Participant’s request  and sent to the address provided by the Participant or collected during the Conference. In order to receive an invoice, it is necessary to provide the Organizators with  the and the full address of the University,required data: NIP number  , name and surname  of  the Conference Participant and the address to which the invoice is to be sent. 

10.9.  These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of their publication on the website in 

10.10.  The Organizer has the right to change the provisions of the Regulations. Changes enter into force within 7 days from the date of their publication on the website 

10.11.  Disputes and matters not included in the Regulations shall be settled by the Conference Board composed of: Dr. Dobrochna Ossowska-Salamonowicz, Dr. Monika Giżyńska and Dominika Wtulich.