Sławomir Kalinowski

Scientific activity


My current research work concerns two projects:
  • Application of supported monolayers and bilayers to construction of electrochemical sensors and biosensors (100200.804)

  • Development and application of capacitance detection method in the flow injection analysis (FIA) for determination of biologically active molecules (grant UWM 100200.215)
The setup for electrochemical experiments

Capacitance measurements

Currently I construct the 3-electrode capacitance meter (CMTR-31) for application to the capacitance detectors for the FIA. This circuits converts capacitance to frequency. The measurement system has working electrode (WE) connected to the mass of the device. It allows coworking the capacitance meter with a quartz crystal microbalance. My next step is making software for recording in the same time capacitance and mass on the sensor.


A time ago I made a software for analysis of membrane conductance calculated from chronopotentiometric curves. The chronopotentiometric conditions (current range 0.1-10 nA) causes generation of a single pore in the membrane. This program calculates and plots the membrane conductance as a time function. The pores generated in the membrane have oscillation of their size.

Doctor thesis

"Influence of polarization potential on capacitance of bilayer lipid membranes" Warsaw University, Department of Chemistry, Warsaw, 1997.

Bilayer lipid membranes (BLM)

  • electrical properties
  • voltage-dependent capacitance
  • voltage-dependent changes of the membrane structure
  • transport through the membranes
  • developing of the measurement methods
  • electroporation
  • mechanisms of the BLM formation
  • electrochemical sensors, biosensors, biomimetic sensors
Białystok, Institute of Chemistry,
Ula by the setup for measurements of electrical 
properties of BLMs

Constructing of computer-controlled measurement devices

  • KSP measurement system
  • 3-, 4-electrode potentiostats and galvanostats
  • 4-electrode capacitance meters
  • FIA methods - biamperometric detection
  • FIA methods - chemiluminescence detection
  • frequency meters
  • software for these devices
Device for chemiluminescence detection in FIA

University in Bialystok, Institute of Chemistry
Laboratory of Electrochemistry

Previously I was working in Laboratory of Electrochemistry under supervising of professor Zbigniew Figaszewski. Our group studied electrical properties of artificial bilayer lipid membranes and natural biological membranes, ion-selective electrodes with liquid membranes, development of electrochemical detectors for HPLC.
Białystok, Institute of Chemistry,
Stasia and the invention - chromatomultiplayer

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