The "Studies of Political Science" series (ISSN 1731-2299) is meant to present the outcomes of conferences, symposia, and panel meetings organised by the INP, as well as the results of research undertaken both individually and co-operatively by the Institute staff members and academics from other centres around the country and from abroad. Designed to accomplish both scientific and didactic aims, the series is addressed not only to the scientific circles but also to students. The volumes of the series are to constitute an important complement of the handbook knowledge acquired by students of political science and international relations, as well as students of other related fields of study. Most importantly, the series is intended as a forum for academic discussion of the current challenges and dangers in the contemporary world.

The Polish-Ukrainian Heritage

edited by Selim Chazbijewicz, Marek Melnyk, Krzysztof Szulborski

"Studies of Political Science" volume 2, Olsztyn 2006, ISBN 83-89559-05-6


The World after September 11, 2001

edited by Krzysztof Gładkowski

"Studies of Political Science" volume 1, Olsztyn 2003, ISBN 83-89559-00-5


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