Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

A non-profit NGO established in Lithuania (Kaunas) in 2009. It is headed by Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian academic people, public intellectuals and businessmen. The Polish side is represented by Jan Malicki (Studium Europy Wschodniej, Warsaw University), Prof. Dariusz Szpoper and Prof. Przemysław Dąbrowski (Warmia-Mozuria University), Małgorzata Czyżewska (Borderland Foundation, Sejny), advocate Tomasz Kopoczyński (Gdynia), Prof. Krzysztof Buchowski (Białystok University) and Prof. Jan jurkiewicz (Poznań University). Lithuanian side is represented by Czesław Miłosz Birthplace Foundation and Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas), as well as by academics related to this University: Prof. Egidijus Aleksandracvičius, Prof. Antanas Kulakauskas, Andrzej Pukszto, Tomasz Błaszczak and Rūstis Kamuntavičius (director of the Institute). Director of Lithuanian institute of History, dr. Rimantas Miknys, as well as journalist and intellectual Jan Jacek Komar (Vilnius) are also engaged into the activities of the Institute. Belarusian side is represented by a famous political scientist from Minsk Andrej Kazakievič and a historian from Grodno Aleś Smaliančuk. Rector of Ivano Frankovsk Precarpatian National University, Prof. Ihor Tsependa, and a historian from the National Academy in Kiev, Olga Kovalevska, are representatives of Ukraine.

The Institute follows ideas expressed by Czesław Miłosz and Jerzy Giedroyc and aims at construction of bridges between neighboring cultures and states that exists today in the territories many centuries ago occupied by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Commonwealth of Both Nations. The institute collaborates with partners in neighboring countries in organizing seminars, conferences, public lectures and various types of schools, mostly in Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. One of the greatest projects is International Congress of Belarusian Sciences ( established in 2011 and annually held in Kaunas, usually in October. These Congresses became the most important international periodical academic events related to humanities and social sciences of Belarus. The Institute collaborates in publishing an English periodical journal Belarusian Political Science Review (Kaunas-Minsk). To add to this, in 2016 it starts another periodical in English – Annual of the Institute of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Olsztyn-Kaunas).