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Department of Lake & River Fisheries

Faculty of Environmental Sciences & Fisheries

University of Warmia & Mazury in Olsztyn

Olsztyn-Kortowo, 957-Olsztyn, Poland

Phone (48-89) 523-39-89

Fax (48-89) 523-39-89

E-Mail: (mamcarz@uwm.edu.pl)

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Faculty of Fisheries was established in 1951, as one of four basic faculties at the Higher School of Agriculture in Olsztyn. Department of Fisheries, directed by Professor Dr Stanislaw Sakowicz (first Dean of the Faculty), was also one of primary departments in the structure of Faculty of Fisheries. In 1966 Faculty was transferred to Higher School of Agriculture in Szczecin. In Olsztyn, Division of Inland Fisheries was established at Faculty of Animal Culture. Division was constructed of four departments (Department of Fisheries was directed by Doc. dr Tadeusz Wojno). In a new Faculty of Water Protection and Inland Fisheries was formed, with the structure of two institutes (Hydrobiology & Water Protection, and Ichthyobiology & Fisheries). Institute of Ichthyobiology & Fisheries at Academy of Agriculture & Technology in Olsztyn was directed by Professor Dr Tadeusz Wojno, Professor Dr Jan Szczerbowski and Doc. Dr Czeslaw Grudniewski). In 1983, the departmental structure at Faculty was restored, and Department of Fisheries was established again. In 1999, the Department of Lake & River Fisheries set up as new department at University of Warmia & Mazury, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Fisheries, and managed by Prof. Dr Andrzej Mamcarz, became one of two fisheries departments of the University.

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