A press conference about the project on 8 July 2015

In order to inform people about the project and promote it, on 8 July 2015 there was a press conference which introduced the project to the journalists invited to the meeting. At the conference the project, its range and financing were described, and a visualisation of its final effects was demonstrated.

At present, the University of Warmia and Mazury is completing 3 big investments connected with thermal efficiency improvement. They result from the “Green University” program implemented by the Vice-Chancellor, prof. Ryszard Górecki. They include 9 buildings in total, mainly in Kortowo, including such big and important ones as: Vicechancellor's Office, New Zootechnics, buildings of the Faculties of Food Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Technical Sciences. These investments cost 30 million zloty in total. The University's own contribution to modernisation costs is 5.5 million zloty. The remaining amount is covered by: EEA Financial Mechanisms subsidy (a so-called Norwegian Fund) - about 14.5 million zloty, National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management - 3 million zloty, and other programs and special-purpose low-interest loans in the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management.

“We chose these buildings and not other buildings, because they fulfil the criteria imposed by financing institutions, consume a lot of energy, and in addition they meet conservator's conditions. Old Kortowo is supervised by the conservator, and all the repairs have to be approved by him”, explained Tomasz Szczygielski, deputy chancellor of the University of Warmia and Mazury for investment and technical matters, during the press conference.

In addition, the University of Warmia and Mazury has to meet the conditions made by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, e.g. cannot do the works in the time of hatching of birds.

The thermal efficiency improvement includes: insulation of outer walls, roofs and attics, replacement of windows and doors, modernisation of the central heating system, modernisation of thermal and connector centres, insulation of heat pipes, equipment of each centre with a meter circuit and regulation automatics together with control for periodic turning off the heating and for settlements, installing energy-saving batteries in washing facilities, and replacement of the present lighting with energy-saving LED lamps.

A part of the works has already been finished. The deadline for the thermal efficiency improvement is at the end of April 2016. From the calculations it appears that the thermal efficiency improvement will result in savings in the amount of 2.95 million zloty a year in energy fees, so the University's own contribution will pay for itself in 2 years. To this one must add the ecological effect – reduction of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere. The third effect is aesthetic, as the modernised buildings obtain new elevations.

Therefore Kortowo will not only be warmer and cleaner, but also cheaper and nicer.