Completed inventory of birds

On 30.07.2014, we completed an environmental inventory count, prepared by UWM employees, Jacek J. Nowakowski, Ph.D. - ecologist and ornithologists, Andrzej Górski, Ph.D.- zoologist and Krzysztof Lewandowski, M.Sc. - ecologist, zoologist. They carried out multiple observations and research. As follows from the inventory count, there are no bats in the buildings intended for thermal efficiency improvement. On the other hand, 4 species of birds are nesting there: common swifts (20 pairs), redstarts (1 pair), sparrows (6 pairs) and jackdaws (42 pairs).

On this basis, the Regional Direction of Environmental Protection issued a decision permitting the commencement of the investment. However, it obliged the UWM to provide at least 87 nesting boxes for birds.