• Thursday, 22/10/2015

    On 5 August 2015 the University of Warmia and Mazury obtained a permit for introducing changes in the project from the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management. These changes were forced by the lack of conservator's permission to insulate with polystyrene foam the outer walls of one of the 4 buildings included in the project, i.e. the one at ul. Oczapowskiego 5 (New Zootechnics).

  • Friday, 25/09/2015

    In order to inform people about the project and promote it, on 8 July 2015 there was a press conference which introduced the project to the journalists invited to the meeting. At the conference the project, its range and financing were described, and a visualisation of its final effects was demonstrated.

  • Thursday, 16/04/2015

    The University of Warmia and Mazury obtained a legally binding permit to carry out the construction, i.e. the thermal efficiency improvement of the buildings. The University also has a permit from the Warmia and Mazury Monuments Conservator to carry out the works, because the buildings are situated in a zone covered by conservator's protection. Additionally, the University obtained the approval and guidelines from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection concerning the protection of the buildings against birds' hatchings.

  • Friday, 22/08/2014

    On 22.08.2014, Barbara Koszułap, the President of the National Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management in Warsaw, acting on behalf of the Minister of Environmental Protection, operator of the PL04 programme “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources”, under which the funds for the project “Complex thermal efficiency improvement of four teaching and administrative buildings of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn” originate, signed a contract for subsidizing the UWM. On behalf of the UWM, the contract was signed by Prof.

  • Monday, 11/08/2014

    On 11.08.2014, the chancellor of the UWM signed contracts for preparing design documentation for the project entitled “Complex thermal efficiency improvement of four teaching and administrative buildings of the UWM” with two architectural studios from Olsztyn - Anita Świat-Tekielska’s “Kuźnia Projektów” and Anna Ceynowy’s “Akon”.

    The time limit for preparing the documentation is 07.11.2014.