Student-friendly university

The Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland awarded UWM the title of a student-friendly university twice already, in 2004 and 2008. Seventy universities were competing for this honourable title.   

What influenced the Parliament to make such a decision? Students' active participation in the work of the university senate and recruitment committees, facilitating communication with the faculties' authotorities and the manner of dealing with disagreements. The Student Parliament also took into account the possibility of individualizing the course of studies, teaching foreign languages free of charge, number of students per one professor, protecting dissertations against plagiarism, the general conditions for studying and relaxing and, finally, possibilities of developing students' interests. Other things taken into account were the number of places in student accommodations (UWM has around 4300 such places), their standard  and accessibility for the disabled, the library's collection, support for students' work, financial support for the 150 scientific societies and student organizations. The Parliament appreciated the university's radio station UWM FM, Kortowo Television and magazines, Song and Dance Folklore Group 'Kortowo', university choir 'Wawrzyczki', student festival 'Kortowiada' and, lastly, students' sport achievements.