Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie Newspaper

A monthly information paper of the University of Warmia and Mazury. It comprises the following sections:

  • News – a coverage of academic ceremonies, conferences, sessions of UWM Senate, our academics’ achievements, announcements of nominations for professorship, etc.
  • Science – the most interesting research conducted by scholars from Kortowo.
  • Students life – activity and achievements of our students
  • Culture – exhibitions, performances, cultural prizes awarded to academics and students.
  • Silva Rerum – articles written by our academics, alumni profiles, news in publishing, information on defended doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations, sport.

Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie Newspaper has been published since 1999. The average circulation amounts to 2000 copies. The newspaper contains articles written by academics, UWM employees and students.

It is published in Polish, and is also accessible on the Internet in a PDF file.

Website: www.uwm.edu.pl/media/wiadomosci-uniwersyteckie