Radio UWM FM

The University’s radio station that is run by students. It broadcasts on FM frequency 95,9 MHz within about a 50-kilometre radius from Olsztyn. It is also accessible online. It transmits round the clock, and plays mainly rock, alternative, hip hop, reggae, and many other kinds of music that are popular among students. The target group of the Radio includes students between 19-25 years old. Information services cover news about the University, cultural events in Olsztyn, and musical events in general. Among the programs broadcast on the Radio there are: Babskie Granie [Eng. Women’s Playing], Między Nauką a Fikcją [Between Science and Fiction], Pośpieszny do Północy [A Fast Train to Midnight], Radioaktywni [Radioactive], Mieszadełko [The Stirrer], Mediofon [Mediophone], Zakład Patologii Dźwięku [The Factory of Sound Pathology], O dwóch takich [About the two men], Rozmowy damsko-męskie [Between Men and Women], and many others. Radio UWM FM broadcasts in Polish.