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Professor Ryszard Górecki

rektor główny

Ryszard J. Górecki, Professor

Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn



Phone: +48 89 5233330
Fax: +48 89 523 44 56


1965-1970High School (Technical College of Food Industry), Toruń, Poland
1970-1975University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland. Received a Master of Science and engineer degree of the highest honors



The degree of doctor of agricultural sciences awarded by the Faculty Agronomy of the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn, Poland, in 1979, on the basis of the thesis entitled: "Physiological and biochemical properties of maternally different seeds of pea, faba bean and yellow lupine". The degree of doctor habilitated of agronomy (specialization of plant physiology) awarded in 1986 on the basis of research and publication “Studies on the vigour of legume seeds”, Olsztyn, Poland. The title of professor of agricultural sciences (specialization in plant physiology). Issued by the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in Poland, 1993. Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 2004.



1976-1979Senior Assistant
1979-1987Assistant Professor
1987-1997Associate Professor
1997-presentFull Professor



1991-presentHead of the Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
1996-1999Vice-Rector of the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland
1999-2008Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland
2008-2010Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Poland
2011-2012Vice-President of the Polish Academy of Sciences
2012-presentRector of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland



2005-2015Senator of the Republic of Poland
2007-2015Chairman of the Polish - Japanese Senate Group



1983Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, 1 year
1988/89Tohoku University, Sendai (MIF), Japan, 6 months
1990Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan (JSPS), 7 months
1992Institute of Genetic Engineering, Trieste, Italy, 1 month
1994/95Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, 6 months
1995John Innes Centre, Norwich, Great Britain, 1 month



  • undergraduate and master teaching  - plant physiology, plant biochemistry, seed biology
  • lectures on PhD studies – plant biotechnology
  • promoter of 8 doctoral dissertations



Research interests in the first issue mainly comprise physiology and biochemistry of seeds in particular in the field of seed vigour. In recent  years research has focused on explaining the molecular basis of value in use of legume seeds with special emphasis on the role of raffinose family oligosacharides and galactosyl cyclitols. Carried out research also apply to plant biotechnology in particular molecular seed biology.



  1. 125 publications in scientific journals
  2. Co-author of 6 books
  3. List of selected publications:
    • Górecki R.J., Harman G.E., Mattick L.R. 1985. The volatile exudates from germinating pea seeds of different viability and vigor. Can. J. Bot. 63: 1035-1039.
    • Obendorf R.L., Koch J.L., Górecki R.J., Amable R.A. and Aveni M.T. 1990. Methanol accumulation in maturing seeds. J. Exp. Bot. 41 (225): 489-495.
    • Górecki R.J., Ashino H., Satoh S., and Esashi Y. 1991. Ethylene production in cocklebur seeds of differing vigour. J. Exp. Bot. 42 (236): 407-414
    • Sato Y., Sugiyama M., Górecki R.J., Fukuda H., Komamine A., 1993. Interrelationship  between lignin deposition and the activities of peroxidase  isoenzymes in differentiating tracheary elements of Zinnia. Analysis using L-a  aminooxy-b-phenylpropionic acid and 2-aminoindan-2-phosphonic acid. Planta 189:  584-589.
    • Esashi Y., Ogasawara M., Górecki R.J., Leopold A.C. 1993. Possible mechanism of afterripening in Xanthium seeds. Physiol. Plant. 87:  359-364.
    • Górecki R.J., Piotrowicz-Cieślak A., and Obendorf R.L. 1997. Soluble sugars  and oligosaccharides in maturing yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus  L.) seeds. Seed Science Research 7: 185-193.
    • Peterbauer P., Lahuta L., Blöchl, Mucha J., Hedley C.L., Górecki R.J. and  Richter A. 2001. Analysis of Raffinose family oligosaccharide pathway in pea seeds with contrasting carbohydrate composition. Plant Physiol. 127(4): 1764-1772.
    • Giełwanowska I., Szczuka E., Bednara J., Górecki R.J.  2005. Anatomic features and ultrastructure of Deschampsia antarctica (Poaceae) leaves from different growing habitats. Annals of Botany 96: 1109-1119.
    • Lahuta L. B., Święcicki W., Dzik T., Górecki R.J., Horbowicz M. 2010. Feeding stem-leaf-pod explants of pea (Pisum sativum L.) with D-chiro-inositol or D-pinitol modifies composition of α-D-galactosides in developing seeds. Seed Science Research 20(4):213-221.
    • Martínez-Andújar C., Wioletta E. Pluskota, George W. Bassel, Masashi Asahina,  Piotr Pupel, Theresa T. Nguyen, Noriko Takeda-Kamiya, David Toubiana, Bing Bai, Ryszard J. Górecki, 2012. Aaron Fait, Shinjiro Yamaguchi and Hiroyuki Nonogaki. Mechanisms of hormonal regulation of endosperm cap-specific gene expression in tomato seeds.  The Plant Journal ,71 (4): 575-586.
    • Ralph L. Obendorf, Ryszard J. Górecki, 2012. Soluble carbohydrates in legume seeds. Seed Science Research, 22(4): 219-242.
      Okorska L.,  Michalczyk D., Okorski A., Piotrowicz-Cieślak A.,  Pupel P.  Głowacka K., Jagielska T., Górecki R., 2014. Variability of PSPAL1 (phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene-1) proximal promoter sequence and expression in pea challenged with Mycosphaerella pinodes. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed., 50 (2014): 163-170.



The Second Degree Award of the Ministry of Education for the habilitation thesis

The First Degree Individual Award of the Ministry of Education for organizational achievements from 2000 to 2007

Gold Cross of Merit

Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta

Medal of the National Education Commission

Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star


Vice-Rector for Development of Education and Student Affairs
Professor Jerzy Andrzej Przyborowski

Professor Jerzy Andrzej Przyborowski, doctor habilitated - Agricultural Sciences
Professor Przyborowski was born on 26 September 1964 in Łasin, , Kujawy and Pomerania Region. He graduated from the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn in 1988. He received his PhD in 1992 and the degree of doctor habilitated in 2004.

Experience: Shortly before graduating, he was employed by the Agricultural Advisory Center of the Institute for Education in Agriculture at the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn. In February 1989, he assumed the post of assistant trainee at the Genetics and Seed Production Unit of the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production. In April 1989, he became enrolled in a doctoral program in biotechnology at the Department of Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 1992, he joined the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, initially as an assistant lecturer and, subsequently, as a lecturer.
Professor Przyborowski currently lectures at the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production. He heads the Interdepartmental Plant Biotechnology Laboratory at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture.

Research: crop plant biotechnology (molecular genetics and in vitro plant cultures) and plant breeding.

Publications: Professor Przyborowski is the author of 41 original research papers and 23 short communications. He has co-authored one book, two lecture scripts and eight utility models - Salix spp. varieties. 44 citations in the SCOPUS database, h-index (Hirsch index) - 4. Professor Przyborowski has supervised more than ten Master's and Engineer's degree students. He is currently supervising three PhD students.

Member of several scientific associations.

Awards and distinctions: Bronze Cross of Merit, Team Award of Zielony Feniks Foundation for scientific and research achievements in sustainable energy engineering, eight awards granted by the Rector of UWM.

Interests: Classical music, film, theater, hiking.


Telephone: +48 89 523 33 12, +48 89 523 33 60

Vice-Rector for Development and Financial Policy
Professor Mirosław Gornowicz

Professor Mirosław Gornowicz, doctor habilitated - Economic Sciences
Professor Gornowicz was born on 13 June 1954 in Czersk, Pomerania Region. He graduated from the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn in 1979. He received his PhD in 1983 and the degree of doctor habilitated in 2004.

Experience: After graduation, he took the post of assistant and, later, senior assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Organization of the Agricultural University in Cracow. He received his PhD from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn where he assumed the post of lecturer in 1983. He was a lecturer at the Department of Food Industry Economics and the Department of Microeconomics until 2006. In the 1990s, Professor Gornowicz participated in several medium- and short-term internships in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. In 2005, he became the head of the Department of Microeconomics, and he was awarded the title of Associate Professor a year later. In 2002-2008, he was the Associate Dean for Part-Time Studies, and in 2008-2012, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics. Professor Gornowicz was a member of the university's senate committees for education, development and budget policy. He has been a member of the UWM Senate since 2005.

Research: Operating costs, profitability and performance of food processing enterprises, competitiveness of Polish agricultural and food producers on European and global markets.

Publications: Professor Gornowicz is the author of around 150 publications, including 70 original research papers, three monographs, 65 conference abstracts and 12 popular science publications. He has supervised two PhD students and reviewed six doctoral dissertations.

Membership: Long-term Treasurer and Board Member of the Olsztyn Branch of the Scientific Society for Organization and Management, member of the Polish Economic Society, the Committee of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Advisory and Program Committee of the National Cooperative Council, policy and research councils of scientific journals. He has chaired the Budget and Financial Committee of the Olsztyn City Council since 2006.

Awards and distinctions: More than ten awards granted by the rectors of the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn and the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Interests: Sports.


Telephone: +48 89 524 51 44, +48 89 523 44 07

Fax: +48 89 523 44 56

Vice-Rector for Research
Professor Jerzy Jaroszewski

Professor Jerzy Jaroszewski

Professor Jerzy Jaroszewski - Veterinary Science

Born on 6 June 1964 in Brodnica, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship. Graduated from ART in Olsztyn in 1989. Doctorate – 1993, habilitation – 2004. Professor of Veterinary Sciences since 2010.

Contact details:
Tel. no.: +48 89 523 35 67, +48 89 523 34 60
Email address:

1979-1983 - General Secondary School in Brodnica
1983-1989 - University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn. Diploma of a veterinary doctor


The degree of Doctor of Veterinary Sciences conferred in 1993 by the Council of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of ART in Olsztyn based on the doctoral thesis entitled: “Wpływ oksytocyny i noradrenaliny we wczesnej fazie lutealnej na funkcję sekrecyjną jajnika oraz na długość cyklu rujowego u bydła [Effect of oxytocin and noradrenaline in the early luteal phase on the secretive function of an ovary and on the duration of an oestral cycle in cattle]”. The degree of doctor habilitated of veterinary sciences in pharmacology conferred in 2004 by the Council of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Olsztyn was based on the habilitation dissertation entitled “Wpływ inhibitorów syntazy tlenku azotu i donorów tlenku azotu na funkcje wydzielniczą ciałka żółtego krowy [Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors and nitric oxide donors on the secretory function of corpus luteum]”. The title of professor of veterinary sciences in pharmacology was conferred in 2010 by the Central Committee for Degrees and Titles


1989-1991assistantCentre for Agrotechnology and Veterinary Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
1991-1993senior assistantCentre for Agrotechnology and Veterinary Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
1993-1995lecturerCentre for Agrotechnology and Veterinary Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
1996-2005lecturerAR-T/UWM in Olsztyn
since 2005associate professorUWM in Olsztyn


1999-2005Acting Head of the Department of Pharmacology
2006-2010Head of Department of Pharmacology
since 2010Head of Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
2005-2012Vice-Dean for Education Process, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UWM in Olsztyn
since 2012Vice-Rector for Education Process, UWM in Olsztyn


1989Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA; 3 months

Cornell University, Ithaca, USA; 3 months


  • baccalaureate studies – general pharmacology and chemotherapy
  • master degree studies – veterinary pharmacology, pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • supervisor of 5 dissertations


His main scientific interests include: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, immunopharmacology of anti-inflammatory drugs, the effect of bioactive substances on ovary secretory functions and the contractive function of smooth muscles, in silico analysis of veterinary drugs.


  1. 113 papers published in scientific periodicals, including 102 in JCR periodicals
  2. 124 reports at scientific conferences, both at home and abroad
  3. 1 chapter in a handbook in English
  4. Selected publications:
    - Jaroszewski J, Kotwica J (1994) Reduction of ovarian oxytocin content from early luteal phase does not affect the corpus luteum secretory function in cattle. Reproduction Nutrition and Development (now Animal) 34:175-182
    - Jaroszewski JJ, Hansel W (2000) Intraluteal administration of a nitric oxide synthase blocker stimulates progesterone and oxytocin secretion and prolongs the life span of the bovine corpus luteum. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine (currently Experimental Biology and Medicine) 224:50-55.
    - Jaroszewski JJ, Skarzynski DJ, Blair RM, Hansel W (2003) Influence of nitric oxide on the secretory function of the bovine corpus luteum: dependence on cell composition and cell-to-cell communication. Experimental Biology and Medicine 228:741-748.
    - Jaroszewski JJ, Bogacki M, Skarzynski DJ (2003) Progesterone production in bovine luteal cells treated with drugs that modulate nitric oxide production. Reproduction 125:389-395.
    - Skarzynski DJ, Jaroszewski JJ, Bah MM, Deptula KM, Barszczewska B, Gawronska B, Hansel W (2003) Administration of a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor counteracts prostaglandin F2a-induced luteolysis in cattle. Biology of Reproduction 68:1674-1681.
    - Jaroszewski JJ, Skarzynski DJ, Hansel W (2003) Nitric oxide as a local mediator of prostaglandin F2a-induced regression in bovine corpus luteum: an in vivo study. Experimental Biology and Medicine 228:1057-1062.
    - Grabowski T, Jaroszewski JJ (2009) Bioavailability of veterinary drugs in vivo and in silico. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 32:249-257.
    - Maślanka T, Jaroszewski JJ. (2012) In vitro effects of dexamethasone on bovine CD25+CD4+ and CD25-CD4+ cells. Research in Veterinary Science 93(3):1367-79.
    - Maślanka T, Jaroszewski JJ (2013) In vitro studies on the influence of dexamethasone and meloxicam on bovine WC1+ γδ T cells. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 151(3-4):248-62.
    - Grabowski T, Jaroszewski JJ, Gad SC, Feder M (2014) Relationship between drug structure and minimal inhibitory concentration value used for acceptable daily intake analysis. International Journal of Toxicology 33(6):490-497.
    - Ziółkowski H, Grabowski T, Jasiecka A, Zuśka-Prot M, Barski D, Jaroszewski JJ (2015) Pharmacokinetics of oxytetracycline in broiler chickens following different routes of administration. The Veterinary Journal 208:96-98.
    - Ziółkowski H, Jasiecka A, Zuśka-Prot M, Przybysz J, Grabowski T, Jaroszewski JJ (2016) Metal ion-oxytetracycline pharmacokinetic interactions after oral co-administration in broiler chickens. Poultry Science 95(8):1927-1933.


  • An individual award granted by the Minister of National Education and Sport
  • A scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science
  • Numerous awards granted by Rector of UWM
  • Awards from the Polish Association of Veterinary Science
  • An awards for Young Scientific Researchers from the Polish Physiological Association
  • Silver and Gold Cross of Merit
  • A badge “Merito pro Societatae” granted for outstanding services to the Polish Association of Veterinary Science

INTERESTS: angling

Vice-Rector for Human Resources
Professor Sławomir Przybyliński

Professor Sławomir Przybyliński - Social Science

 Phone: +48 89 5233567

 Fax: +48 89 523 44 56

 Born on 14 February 1977 in Olsztyn. Head of the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2016–2018, earlier Vice-Rector for Full-Time Studies for two     terms.

 He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2004 and received the title of doctor habilitated in 2013. He is affiliated with the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) as a member of the team for the quality standards of education in the fields of study related to Pedagogy or offering a teaching specialisation. In addition, he is the Committee’s expert on the team that awards accreditation to the fields of study such as Pedagogy or Special Education.

 His scientific interests are centred on penitentiary science, imprisonment sentences, crime, and resocialisation issues. He has been an editor or co-editor of 8 multi-author monographs and approximately 50 publications in multi-author books and scientific journals on the topic. To date, he has published three single-author monographs focused on the broad issue of penitentiary facilities, including: Podkultura więzienna – wielowymiarowość rzeczywistości penitencjarnej [Prison subculture – the multifaceted nature of penitentiary realities]. Kraków, 1st ed. 2005, 2nd ed. 2006, 3rd ed. 2007, 4th ed. 2010; „Dziara”, „cynkówka”, „kolka” – zjawisko tatuażu więziennego [Tats, dots, and guns – the phenomenon of prison tattooing]. Kraków 2007; Więźniowie niebezpieczni – ukryty świat penitencjarny [Dangerous prisoners – the hidden world of penitentiary facilities]. Kraków 1st ed. 2012, 2nd ed. 2013.

 He has participated in more than 60 conferences, symposia and scientific congresses both in Poland and abroad. He also took part in offsite trainings and internships abroad, which gave him an understanding of the system of special and inclusive education for children and adolescents with intellectual, sensory, and physical disabilities, as well as the system for assisting people with disabilities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and France.

 His didactic work is closely related to his academic and scientific interests. Lectures, workshops, and seminars which he has conducted for students enrolled in full-time programmes of both degrees as well as extramural, postgraduate and doctoral programmes revolve around the matters of Pedagogy, Resocialisation and Penitentiary Science.

Vice-Rector for the Medical Studies and Research
Professor Sergiusz Nawrocki

 Prof. dr hab. n. med. Sergiusz Nawrocki – an oncologist and a specialist in oncological radiotherapy

 Born in Opole in 1967. In 1993, he received his diploma in Medicine at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (former name: K. Marcinkowski Academy of Medical Sciences).

 He was awarded a doctoral title [dr] in 2001 and defended his habilitation [dr hab.] in 2008, at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. In 2017, he received the title of Professor in Medicine.

 Contact: phone: +48 89 524 55 90


 Experience: After a three-month scholarship at the University of Delaware (US) he was employed at the Greater Poland Cancer Centre (WCO) (1995 –2001) and the Department of Cancer Immunology at the Academy of Medical Sciences in Poznań. In 2003–2013, he headed the Department of Radiotherapy and radiotherapy wards at the Independent Public Complex of Healthcare Facilities of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration with the Warmia and Mazury Oncology Centre (SP ZOZ MSWiA z W-MCO) in Olsztyn. In 2008–2013, he worked as the Head of the Department of Oncology at the University of Warmia and Mazury, and then the Head of the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy of the Medical University of Silesia. In 2019, he assumed his former post as the Head of the Department of Oncology at the University of Warmia and Mazury, while simultaneously managing the clinical radiotherapy ward of the Warmia and Mazury Oncology Centre (W-MCO) in Olsztyn.

 Research: cancer immunology, precision medicine (radiotherapy and targeted drugs), standard tests for primary brain tumours. The leader of projects financed by the National Science Centre (NCN) and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR). Since 2016, he has been running the “Gliomed” project funded from the NCBiR Strategmed III programme focused on the application of liquid biopsy in glioblastoma.

 Publications: author or co-author of more than 70 full-text papers, book chapters, and scientific monographs; co-author of the national guidelines for the treatment of cancer patients (h-index: 8, more than 450 citations in the Scopus database).

 Member of national and international medical societies, including ASTRO, ESTRO, the Polish Society of Radiation Oncology (PTRO), and The Polish Society of Oncology (PTO), where he is a Member of the Management Board. Current member of the Management Board of the Polish Cancer League (PLWR), which is a member of the European Cancer Leagues (ECL).

 Interests: endurance sports (triathlon) and piloting – airplane pilot, holder of a PPL licence (A). Married, with four children.