Scientific research

University scientific research includes its fundamental statutory activity, personal research, research projects, target projects, investments serving the needs of research and development work, research support, ministry programmes, financing the upkeep of scientific equipment, projects financed by structural funds or the European Union, commissioned work, grants for financing scientific projects.

176 statutory projects are currently being carried out. The subjects refer to 47 scientific research problems formulated with regard to the university's, country's and Europe's priorities. In most cases the subjects cover several scientific tasks.

The university staff are currently running 263 projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre.

The university sets up functional research centres and clusters. There are five research centres at UWM:

  • Research Centre of Renewable Energy,
  • Research and Development Centre of Dairy Technology,
  • Research Centre of Eastern Europe,
  • Social Research Centre,
  • Research Centre of Organic and Traditional Food.

The university participates in creating five clusters:

  • Kętrzyn Cluster of Renewable Energy,
  • Baltic Cluster of Ecoenergy,
  • Brewery Cluster,
  • Dairy Cluster,
  • Warmia and Mazury Cluster 'Warmer Together.' 

Additionally, UWM is a member of the Consortium Centre of Advanced Technology RIMAMI.