Project news

Inauguration of “High quality surgery over borders” project.

On February 15th at the Immanuel Kant Baltic federal University held its first working meeting of the participants of the project "High quality surgery over borders". The partners are Medical School of I. Kant BFU, Regional Clinical Hospital of the Kaliningrad region, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Clinical University Hospital in Olsztyn. Kick-off conference was supported with the financial support of the European Union, the project aims to make cross-border Training Center surgeons in Poland and Kaliningrad. In two integrated centers in the Russian and Polish territory will be created simulation training labs where practitioners and senior students of medical schools will get trained to improve their skills. It is important that the centers will complement each other, in Poland it will be installed neurosurgery simulators and in Kaliningrad - surgical and therapeutic.

"The project is implemented simultaneously in two major areas: education and healthcare. The highlight of the project is that students (project participants - students and practitioners) will travel to neighboring countries, where, after passing the training programs will receive international certificates. It is important that creation of the centers will be an integral part of the entire system of training physicians in our region. Our task is to change the vector of training: from theory to practice, to the latest medical technologies. The project will use unique robots and simulators, with many features inherent in a living person: they talk, laugh, react to pain, etc. In such robots there are installed clinical scenarios of various diseases. Working with these simulators will help the practitioner and graduates of medical school to determine the quality of their skills, identify gaps in knowledge, polish their skills"

- Said Professor Sergey Korenev, Director of Medical Institute at the Kant BFU. Initially, the center will train 10 doctors from the Polish side and 5 on the Russian, as well as 15 students of BFU and the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Today, we do not need to practice on the patient, the technique allows to learn how to operate and conduct operations in a different way and we will use this opportunitysaid proffesor Maksymowicz, Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. He added that the series of trainings in Poland and Russia will attract the best students interested in these fields of medicine.

Most of funds allocated to the project weill remain in Russia, but it has its positive side, and goes beyond training. This is pioneering project, which proves the European Union does not separates itself from Russia but treat them as equals neighbors. This has a great social significance and break stereotypes - said Maksymowicz.

"This is the largest Russian-Polish project in recent years, where the Russian side is the main organizer. The project is for two years, and then will decide on his future legal form "

- Said Igor Vaysbeyn Z., chief surgeon of the Kaliningrad region, Associate Medical Institute at the Kant BFU.

Project director, chief physician at the hospital of the Kaliningrad region Konstantin Polyakov pointed out the particular importance of the project for the Kaliningrad region:

"This is the first event in the framework of cross-border cooperation, the first project between the two countries in the field of education and health. In the initial stage will be set up training labs for training physicians, the next - will need to organize a system of education in these labs. Here we have to solve the problem more serious. "