• 01/10/2014

    Investing in innovation

    The Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer at the University of Warmia and Mazury is pleased to invite all UWM academics and students to “Autumn School of Intellectual Property Protection and Commercialization”.
  • 30/09/2014

    Drones over cornfields

    Drones flying over cornfields of Warmia and Mazury – this is neither a joke, nor science fiction. It is the future of agriculture – precision agriculture.
  • 30/09/2014


    Communication is an irreversible process. What once has been said or written, gets retained in one’s memory, and simply leaves its trace on a piece of paper or in the virtual reality. It is impossible to wipe it out.
  • 30/09/2014

    Where is navigation going?

    Navigation is commonly associated with a car accessory that enables people to reach their destinations without difficulties. Although such an association can be easily justified, it constitutes merely a part of all practical applications of GNSS — Global Navigation Satellite System.
  • 30/09/2014

    From Cambridge to Kortowo

    Moved to tears, deep in thought, in search for memories, but above all, happy because of the reunion and a visit to beloved Kortowo ­– such emotions dominated among alumni that came to Olsztyn for the 2nd edition of UWM Alumni Day.
  • 30/09/2014

    Olsztyn – with love for… cheese

    Polish dairy industry produces about one hundred types of cheese. How many of them were presented by dairy companies at Olsztyn Cheese Festival – no one counted, but now it is clear which type of cheese is the king of Polish households, and which one turned out to be this year’s hit.
  • 30/09/2014

    Science gets on well with business

    – This is a significant event, one of the first actions of such importance in Warmia and Mazury region —assesses the Rector of UWM, Prof. Ryszard Górecki , with reference to signing a letter of intent between the University and Wipasz Company.
  • 30/09/2014

    The first prize and the award of distinction for our editorial staff

    An article by Lech Kryszałowicz, the editor-in-chief of “Wiadomości Uniwersyteckie” (Eng. “University News”) magazine, won the first prize in the competition for the most interesting article promoting science.
  • 30/09/2014

    Prof. Ryszard Górecki decorated by the government of Japan

    The Rector of UWM, Prof. Ryszard Górecki, received one of the most important Japanese decorations – The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star.